Question: is Numenera a “post apocalyptic game”?

Obviously yes if you want to be pedantic because 8 “Worlds“ have risen and fallen before the current one, BUT it’s so long after that, that it doesn’t feel like a PoPoc* setting. At the same time there constantly scrounging interesting objects from past people’s, like a PoPoc. 🤔

* PoPoc = post apocalyptic, courtesy of The RPG Review Board podcast.

@masukomi Yea I think because of the prevalence of the Prior World's tech and the focus on delving into ruins and such, it is post-apocalyptic though less traditional.

Similar to how D&D is full of Dead Empires to steal magic items from, but it's more prevalent in Numenera than in D&D.

Discovery says "In many ways, the Ninth World is a medieval fantasy setting without the historicity." which I find an interesting lens to view the setting through.

@CaelReader so, and this is the core of why i asked…. Why doesn’t it _feel_ like PoPoc?

Is it just the lack of omnipresent threat to survival and that characters don’t _need_ to constantly scrounge up things for survival? Or is there more to it than just that?

@masukomi Yea, I think traditional apocalypse media has a big survival element to it, while Numenera doesn't.

"post-post-apocalyptic" is probably more accurate.


@CaelReader oooh i like that concept / perspective “Post-post-apocalyptic“

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