Last night, the gang came across an abandoned mill building that was fortuitously dry. They even found dry wood to build a fire. For the first time in days, spirits were lifted.

Late in the night, my favorite character was sitting watch, looking out the doorway with the fire to her back. She noticed a thick mist covering the ground, and then a tentacle starting to snake it's way out of it. Before she could do anything it shot out, grabbed her ankle....

she was yanked backwards, slamming to the ground, while being pulled rapidly towards the mist.

She yelled out "Les!" (the name of her best friend and companion) with her arm stretched out towards him.

And that's where I ended the session.

From the GM perspective, I didn't want to disrupt their happy evening, but i had a huge Doom Pool that needed to be spent. ;)

Also of note, is that she's the _worst_ character to be attacked physically. Owing to a desperate encounter with a hawk that was carrying her off to be dinner (she's ~9cm tall) she is physically weak as 💩 (permanently). Good w/ magic, but has essentially no hope of physically fighting off anything.


her best friend is a rat who lived in the walls of a church and was accidentally "awakened" by a very drunk human (normal sized) cleric who was very confused as to why his spell "didn't work".

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