Yay! It came!

Also, i think i have a new goal of releasing a game whose physical artifact is as nice as this one.

Numenera is amazing (like most things from Monte Cooke Games). This object is doing its own thing that isn’t even competing in the same playground. It’s off on the side being awesome by its own rules.

I just hope the content is as good as the presentation.

Side note: Orbital is another game with brilliant, but simple, presentation that i love.

@masukomi Chris and co. really knocked that one out of the park, yeah.

@masukomi I just got my copy too. Looks nice, need to dig into it this weekend.

@deinol i started looking last night, and then got saddened because between the kickstarter and now I'd conflated it with Elastic Bastionland in my head. I was looking forward to reading through all the failed careers which weren't there. :(

Still excited to keep reading through it though. So many people love this and speak so highly of it.

@deinol "Electric" bastionland not Elastic bastionland. Elastic would be ... interesting but different. ;)

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