played a game on this weekend. It was good.

Went looking for more. It's a kinda miserable experience for anyone looking for "NOT D&D" I don't want to have to search individually for every system I'm willing to play. Even on weekends only there's too much D&D to sift through.

They have a GraphQL API (undocumented) so if wanted yet another side project I could write my own query with an exclusion filter.

I really don't want to have to write code to find a game to play.

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@masukomi Also did a StartPlaying session over the weekend of Star Wars Force and Destiny. It was awesome, got to build a lightsaber!

@meandeef hah. Mine was Edge of the Empire. I’m happy to say that all my concerns about the narrative dice pool negotiations slowing things down or being annoying were disproven. :D

@masukomi I still have no idea about what any of the dice mean. I decided I was going to join the game 2 hours before it started. GM didn't miss a beat, hardly, it was IMPRESSIVE!

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