I backed the FAST Core Rulebook kickstarter.

There were some minor red flags in the form of "half dressed sexualized female cover art" but i wasn't too worried. I've now started looking at the sample chapter they released and am noting the choice of art to accompany 2 of the three character Archetypes.

I am now, _very_ concerned.

I've no problem with erotic or semi-erotic art of the human form. It's the fact that someone thought it was appropriate to use it here.

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@masukomi oof. I also backed that and can’t really remember why. Although looking at the campaign again those were used in the campaign details. Looking at the list of artists they have for the project, it’s almost all men, which is unfortunate.

I kind of wish I’d looked at it more before backing now. I think I was just excited to see something that wasn’t 5E or PbtA.

@deinol from the perview studf i was expecting some overly boobtastic imagery. I’m not a fan but it’s common and “sex sells”. but there’s a big difference between “tempt the boys with boobs” and having it be representative of 2/3 of your options. Dramatic warrior type or sex object. Those are your choices.

Somehow the choice to use them there feels even more dehumanizing. Even more like “women are just sex objects”

@deinol it’s like they’re saying “When thinking about creating your character it’s important to remember that women are useful for sex.”

These aren’t strong characters who happen to be beautiful women.

It’s shit like this that makes women feel uncomfortable, and unvalued in our hobby.

@masukomi Ah, yes, the traditional asymmetrical leather bikini worn by doctors, professors, and wizards.

@cavedueller the introduction of the semi-necromantic claw-grip side bikini has revolutionized the field of gastro-intestinal research!

@masukomi @cavedueller And they even did a shitty job of separating the "academic" from the original background. (why was is made with a background to begin with?)

@benkramer @cavedueller sorry, not following what you're saying about separating from original background. what's the "original background" you're referring to and how was it separated?

@masukomi @cavedueller If you look at the space between her arm and torso where the staff is, it's a dark grey, when that area should likely be transparent, showing the white of the page. Similarly, her hair is very poorly cut out from that same background color, in multiple places. And finally, there's several places in her outline (shoulder, inner thigh, gauntlet) where the edge is very rough, and not consistent with other edges edges of the outline.

@masukomi The other picture shows a lot of the same edge/outline issues as well.

@benkramer gotcha. Yes. I thought you were talking something conceptual about the archetype not the photoshopping ;)

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