I had a kinda 💩 day at work, so I’m rereading bits of the Star Wars D6 book. This game was so ridiculously far ahead of its time. Simple. Clear. Filled with tons of good advice.

Bonus: no disclaimers needed re the overt misogyny or homophobia of its contemporaries.

If you can find a copy that isn’t outrageously priced, get it. Even if you don’t care about Star Wars. I don’t, and I still think it’s great.

It is a practically perfect distillation of the source material.

Still popular enough to have a fan community, and the fan-made REUP version is really interesting.

@ng76 yeah, i'm amazed to see how alive it is after all these years without official support.

Also, my brain is obsessed with the idea of a character sheet that has everything you need to play in 1/3 of a page (not counting backstory stuff).

@mhd i have the 30th anniversary edition, which, as I understand it is essentially just a reprint of the 1st edition with better quality.

I'm not expert on SWD6 I don't think it really matters which edition from a rules standpoint.

@masukomi Well, you focused on simplicity and good advice, which IMHO 1E does better.

2E and later did have some rather ground-breaking changes, like a "wild die", spending character points, different scale & space combat rules etc., more skills etc.

I like both, one for its focus on the SW experience, the other as a more "generic" sci-fi RPG. Both are fine, depending on the type of campaign I want to play. (And neither does the prequel+ experience well, but who wants that? ;) )

@mhd well, that explains a few things. Was watching an actual play the other day going "i don't remember an exploding dice rule 🤔". I'll have to check out the 2nd ed. Thanks for the info. :D

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