I was trying to make a spikey dog thing for one of the players in our Monday night game.

I'm very happy with the result even though it's nothing like the character's companion.

I backed the FAST Core Rulebook kickstarter.

There were some minor red flags in the form of "half dressed sexualized female cover art" but i wasn't too worried. I've now started looking at the sample chapter they released and am noting the choice of art to accompany 2 of the three character Archetypes.

I am now, _very_ concerned.

I've no problem with erotic or semi-erotic art of the human form. It's the fact that someone thought it was appropriate to use it here.

Another day, another low vision (large font) issues.

I'm playing FFG Star Wars this afternoon. Figured I'd familiarize myself with how the character sheet and rolling works in Foundry-VTT before I did. Good thing too.

I've filed a ticket, but that project has a lot of untouched tickets.

Yay! It came!

Also, i think i have a new goal of releasing a game whose physical artifact is as nice as this one.

Another trip.

One has to wonder what the story is here. Did her child bury her and that is how they liked to think of her. Just “mother “?

Or did she die unknown and all they could say about her was that she was a mother. If so, how did they know that?

I applaud this idea.
At the same time, wow that hits a bit close to current US reality. I guess that's the point of much fiction though. Explore difficult moral questions in a safe environment.

TTRPG Suggestions / Knowledge wanted:

I'm looking for suggestions for TTRPGs that use card decks to indicate what you've discovered, encountered, etc. Doesn't have to be a required thing for the game. Just any game with an example of this that's fun to interact with. For an example of the kind of thing i'm talking about, here's the Mutant: Year Zero Card Deck.

without exaggeration, this may be the best visualization of a dwarven underground city that I've ever seen. From "The Weekly Roll" ch. 116. webtoons.com/en/challenge/the-

I browse with the DarkReader plugin turned on (so much easier on my eyes). Sometimes a site doesn't handle it well. Sometimes, it looks... odd and I wonder what the "real" version looks like. I just encountered the latter.

The screenshot with the Grey background was what i saw with DarkReader. The Yellow is what i saw when I turned it off. Holy 💩 Batman! TURN IT BACK ON!!!!

Current status. Send help. Preferable in the form of someone to put noodles in the boiling water for me.

I've got... a lot of RPG books, and most i've gotten to learn from some interesting thing I've heard that the authors have done in it. The problem is, that the queue is long and the cool things are many, and i forget.

pdf here masukomi.org/projects/rpg/in_b
So, I've put together this worksheet. 2 per page. Fold, rip, fill out, and stick in each book when i get it. I fill in the rest as i read and find cool bits. I need to start filling out when i order though.

@andrlik said something that revealed i had failed to consume some important Numenera content (because i don’t like reading long pdfs).

As a result this just arrived at my door. 🎉

Numenera is just SUCH a good world and Cypher is SUCH a good system that i won’t regret a Penny of this.

Another unexpected delivery today 🚚 📦

One of my prayers is a big fan and suggested she might be willing to run a game of this. Although she just started a new job so the possibility has been dramatically reduced

the next page goes into detail about "tests". This paragraph relies highly on the 3 symbols, which still haven't been defined, aren't defined here, and result in a description of the core mechanic which is totally effing useless. I add a number of filled in circles that correspond to my hero's traits.... BUT WHAT ARE FILLED IN CIRCLES?!? and then i draw a number of.... of what? wtf are cross hatched circles and how do i draw just those?!

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omg it got worse.
Next page was the glossary. Cool. a glossary up front.

Oh look. It uses 3 new visual symbols THAT ARE NOT DEFINED!!!

note that the last thing said it used "TWO different colors" and now we've got 3 different icons which i can only guess are supposed to be the TWO colors. Why are there THREE?!?!

Why does it say i draw cross-hatched circles from the bag in "Test" and then in "Success" it says i drew empty circles from the bag?!


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