Another unexpected delivery today 🚚 📦

One of my prayers is a big fan and suggested she might be willing to run a game of this. Although she just started a new job so the possibility has been dramatically reduced

the next page goes into detail about "tests". This paragraph relies highly on the 3 symbols, which still haven't been defined, aren't defined here, and result in a description of the core mechanic which is totally effing useless. I add a number of filled in circles that correspond to my hero's traits.... BUT WHAT ARE FILLED IN CIRCLES?!? and then i draw a number of.... of what? wtf are cross hatched circles and how do i draw just those?!

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omg it got worse.
Next page was the glossary. Cool. a glossary up front.

Oh look. It uses 3 new visual symbols THAT ARE NOT DEFINED!!!

note that the last thing said it used "TWO different colors" and now we've got 3 different icons which i can only guess are supposed to be the TWO colors. Why are there THREE?!?!

Why does it say i draw cross-hatched circles from the bag in "Test" and then in "Success" it says i drew empty circles from the bag?!


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Wait. What?!?!

How to confuse new players:

Step 1. Choose completely unrelated symbols/ to represent a concept.
Step 2. Use inconsistent typography amongst those symbols. Upper and lower case in this case so that they're harder to recognize visually.

W. T. F. ?

For bonus points the core mechanic is completely unusable by the blind, & potentially unusable by colorblind folks. 🤦‍♀️

Promoting your stuff is cool, but we need to talk about "alert fatigue". My "inbox" at Drive Thru was absolutely full of announcements from 3 companies. Frankly, it's going to make me _less_ inclined to buy your stuff.

I'm happy to hear about your sales & new releases, but not like a post every day.

Dear gods, playing a replicant Blade Runner sounds like a completely disturbing mind-!@#$.

Could be amazing RP with the right crew, but omg i do _not_ want that kind of disturbing stuff in my life right now.

I am reading through the Keyforge setting book for Genesys and loving the obvios fun they had making it, like this “Tickets to the Gun Show” talent and the associated image

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