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I am really grateful that I have a job that I can use macOS full-time. No needing to ask a boss permission. No dealing with any of the problems of a Windows or Linux system.


It occurred to me this morning that Forbidden Lands is another example of a Post Apocalyptic (PoPoc) game that doesn’t _feel_ PoPoc. 🤔

Oddly, our smallish town actually has a decent FLGS with RPG stuff. However, I'm sorry to say that the game store I mostly spend my money at (Noble Knight Games) is 999 miles away.

This is for a few reasons:
1. they have old out of print stuff i want
2. they ship for cheap, and I don't want to go inside places during covid.
3. when i DID go in our store it always smelled vaguely of body odor from folks who played there. 😝

Post-covid i hope to buy in-print stuff locally, despite the smell.

@CaelReader oooh i like that concept / perspective “Post-post-apocalyptic“

@CaelReader for something I’m writing, I’m trying to figure out how to get some of the benefits of a PoPoc setting without _feeeling_ PoPoc

@CaelReader so, and this is the core of why i asked…. Why doesn’t it _feel_ like PoPoc?

Is it just the lack of omnipresent threat to survival and that characters don’t _need_ to constantly scrounge up things for survival? Or is there more to it than just that?

@andrlik What your response tells me is that I really need to get the physical versions of Destiny & Discovery.

I haven't read discovery yet, and i don't enjoy reading long content in digital mediums. I've got a bunch of Numenera pdfs but i've only skimmed half of them. :/


Thanks. I agree, that seems a very reasonable and intuitive scale. I'm probably just an A2 with .

I need to practice more. ;)

@RattusInox it is a wonderful term and i hope it spreads like wildfire. 😄

I believe one of their listeners came up with it.

Question: is Numenera a “post apocalyptic game”?

Obviously yes if you want to be pedantic because 8 “Worlds“ have risen and fallen before the current one, BUT it’s so long after that, that it doesn’t feel like a PoPoc* setting. At the same time there constantly scrounging interesting objects from past people’s, like a PoPoc. 🤔

* PoPoc = post apocalyptic, courtesy of The RPG Review Board podcast.

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I once explained dragon behavior thusly:
"Imagine if you were taking a nap and a sapient tunafish sandwich attacked you with a plastic fork, then tried to steal your wallet. Even if you weren't an evil person, you might well be focusing on the fact it's a motherfucking sandwich."

🐦🔗: twitter.com/Owen_Stephens/stat

@szymonbrycki English (fluent) & Esperanto (beginner). I don’t know the official fluency rating systems

Extremely nerdy ink/paper question 

@priryo Rhodia makes a number of things with good paper that works well with heavy flow inks. My personal favorite is their Webnotebook, because it has great paper and page numbers. I’ve used it (and others of theirs) with my fountain pen and other heavy flow pens.

Also, if you’re not aware JetPens.com shows you what the bleed through looks like for each of their notebooks. They also have good guides for finding the right stuff for you.

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Marie Kondo said it's best to live in a house filled with joy. Enjoy your Mastodon!

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Here’s an argument that thinking of RPGs as a “storytelling” medium is unnecessarily limiting, and they should instead be considered as a way to “put yourself in another world.”


@cat if you are on a Mac i would highly recommend Booklet Creator bookletcreator.com/

Basically any small zine-ish PDF i get gets run through that before printing.

Naming adventure modules like clickbait:

* Necromancers HATE this hidden trick for restoring power to the ancient gods (for levels 15+)
* This Kobold makes 6500GP a day, find out how! (for levels 1-5)
* This everyday potion ingredient is KILLING adventurers (for levels 6-10)

via Ursidice on twitter: twitter.com/Ursidice/status/15

FYI There's a really nice Bundle of Holding now for Cypher System & Numenera

Cypher's a great generic system. Numenera's a great sci-fi+fantasy setting that Cypher emerged from.


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Someone said that @pixelfed isn't capable of allowing the general public to see the images on your instance. That seemed implausible at best. A configuration choice surely, but then i went looking and i see no evidence of public viewing of images. No way to get a feel for what a server's content is before you ask to join. No easy sharing outside of ActivityPub.

Just... what?! How?! Surely I'm wrong.... Right?

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