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@ceffyl Hah, you found me! Did i mention this account publicly or are you just a good guesser?

I think i don't grok the cyberpunk genre in TTRPGs. Like, i understand the concepts, and the world sounds interesting...ish, but i never have a clue what i'd run for a game, and the examples I've seen are like "not sure i'd want to be a player in that either"

I feel like i _should_ though...

I spent half the night dreaming about buying the Genesys System IP from Fantasy Flight Games and putting out an updated version that collected all the mechanics and abilities spread across the multiple books in one large one.

It would be cool, but I’m pretty sure I’m not rich enough to buy that.

I keep being tempted to buy Genesys system things when i discover them because i like the system, and there will never be more of them printed.

At the same time, i'm unlikely to ever get it to my table, so i feel like i'm just wasting more money. :/ I love reading the stuff but i've already got a large TODO list of TTRPG stuff to read.

it's the scarcity issue that's problematic. "but..but... I might want it later and I won't be able to get it!"

Consider this: “Inspector gadget” the Role playing game. Of course, you play Penny Brain, and friends and your goal is to help inspector gadget survive and actually accomplish his goal despite his incompetence.

inspector gadget would be an NPC always doing things in the background and never directly interacting with the player during the mission.

Figuring out mechanics to manage the inspectors incompetence is the tricky part here.

please make this game ;)

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I’ve been writing a lot of code lately as I am working on apps I genuinely want to use and am excited about. But I’ve been grinding pretty hard since February, and the last thing I want to do is push myself into burnout.

I didn’t write any code all weekend. I read two books, instead, and got a lot of house stuff done.

It was pretty awesome. I needed the break. Just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else needs a break, too, and keeps putting it off like I did.

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