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🤔 Am i wrong here? Did Fantasy Flight Games literally make 1 small adventure for each of its Genesys settings?

1st the system uses "weird" dice (a harder sell)
2nd they release an anemic core book.
3rd they release what's essentially the 2nd half of that book 2 YEARS LATER.
Then they foist content creation off onto the community?!

W.T.F. ?!
No wonder the system didn't get popular.

Promoting your stuff is cool, but we need to talk about "alert fatigue". My "inbox" at Drive Thru was absolutely full of announcements from 3 companies. Frankly, it's going to make me _less_ inclined to buy your stuff.

I'm happy to hear about your sales & new releases, but not like a post every day.

there have been a bunch of Kicstarters for 3d printable minis, but we're all virtual now.... Which made me think, how cool would it be if I could bring those files into HeroForge and paint them there, and then use their token making & picture making functionality? Ignoring the problems of printing random uploads completely.

I think it'd be awesome.

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I've set up a new account for my geeky + random musings, because i don't want to pour that into this lovely gaming server. I'll try and keep this account to mostly TTRPG thoughts.

Dear gods, playing a replicant Blade Runner sounds like a completely disturbing mind-!@#$.

Could be amazing RP with the right crew, but omg i do _not_ want that kind of disturbing stuff in my life right now.

I am reading through the Keyforge setting book for Genesys and loving the obvios fun they had making it, like this “Tickets to the Gun Show” talent and the associated image

TIL Siri is incapable of distinguishing the word “Boons” From “bones “. It doesn’t matter how clearly I enunciate the first one, it always comes out as the second.

It's been... a few months? since i stuck an NFC chip on my desk to turn on the lights when I sit down.

It continues to dissapoint. The iPhone just isn't sensitive enough to its existence. Have to slide it back and forth a bunch of times before it goes "oh, look! An NFC chip!" 🤦‍♀️

still need to add some of the 1-pagers and small zines to this... 🤔

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I keep forgetting exactly what i have, and what I have, but haven't read yet. So I threw all my TTRPG books into Libib today.... well, except most of the D&D ones.

If you're looking for someone to play one of these with, just holler. ;)

To be explicit: my lap is under there somewhere.

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I’m trying not to pollute local timelines on topical mastodon servers with “other” content (cat pictures excluded)

Anyone know a good server for geeky and random stream of consciousness stuff? One that isn’t just a bunch of annoying straight white dudes arguing about FOSS or why everyone else’s programming language choices suck?

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So, I've been running our D&D game for about two years. In that time I've tried a lot of stuff to keep myself and the rest of the players interested. This is what has worked so far

I've been trying out Sengi and Mastobot as mastodon desktop clients. I think i like Sengi better even though non-native.

Things i prefer about Sengi:
* dark mode
* more intuitive mechanism to reveal spoiler/sensitive content.
* most buttons & interactions feel more intuitively placed / done

things i dislike:
* doesn't respond to ⌘+w

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This is interesting, I learned to drive using a similar technique, passed first time with two smol minors so can get behind it =p
📰 Why Japan's Rail Workers Can't Stop Pointing at Things:

I was looking for more people to follow on Mastodon and I stumbled across “Mastodon” from Monte Cook Games:

Former members of a secret military program—codename: Mastodon—are being murdered. The PCs were once part of that now-defunct program, which explored the military applications of paranormal abilities. Are they next? Not if they can find out who or what’s behind the murders—and stop them. But will they have to venture beyond our reality to find a killer long thought dead?

For The Strange

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