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@rigaroga both… kinda

I just tell people to say Deef but it’s a compounded meaning and acronym all in one.

Don’t know what the 0xDEADBEEF thing is?

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A good rundown of why Kickstarter (or anyone else) getting involved in crypto blockchain bullshit is a enormously bad idea, written in a clear readable style that doesn't require any technical understanding (though it makes clear, Kickstarter management doesn't have any technical understanding either):

Wife time!!

Had a wonderful stream with the wonderful DiceTGaming (I hear he's joining us soon here) and @rigaroga Both of you are gentlemen and scholars, or... was it rascals and gnaves? Either way!

Session 2 was amazing, I look forward to releasing new, serialized, more edited content very soon.

For anyone paying attention, we're delaying another 30 minutes! Sorry! Tech difficulties!

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Sorry to not share earlier but we're pushing back to 3PM CST for the stream today! See you in 30 minutes!!

I'll be streaming on
DiceT will be on his TwitchTV

RIGAROGA is @rigaroga


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A of the lunar eclipse from last week, built from a couple of the image sequences I shot during the eclipse.

The thumbnail image is a composite made of one frame shot while the eclipse was in progress and one shot during the full eclipse.

why not?

- it’s Friday!
- I get to meet new IRL friends for the first time in a new game of Talisman Adventures that starts tonight! Final mock up of my character attached. Pretty proud of what I managed to produce!
- there was a roly-poly I saved it was coming in my front door. Find those things dead and dried up on occasion so I wanted to save him from that fate! 😝

Stream agenda for tonight:

- Character creation for an IRL game on Friday (almost done). Starting a Talisman Adventures playthrough on Friday (not recorded)
- experimentation for a few ideas I've had - making some images with MidJourney and maybe some GPT3 fun too
- Readthrough of new games I've picked up

Vote below for what you want to see starting in about 30 minutes!

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Dear friends, if you are interested in #buddhism and the #dharma, I will be sharing quotes on this account from both sutras and teachers. Expect at most one or two posts a day. 🙏

#introductions #introduction

Let's not let this Kickstarter go unfunded! Half way there!

He Man meets Highlander (inspired, not derived 😉 ) and PVP battles of immortals!

I'm not sponsored by this game, just think it looks COOL!

Not everything that comes out of AI art generation makes sense. Still fascinating though.

Here's what resulted from " black hole event horizon, distant supernova, galaxies, stars - super ultrawide view - hyperrealistic "
in a desktop background resolution

Are those.... eyes? Creepy! I kinda like it!

Thinking about calling off the stream tonight since I'm suddenly not feeling well, I'll be going home from work, so I shouldn't stream either is how I feel. Sorry folks! See ya Thursday! Gonna rest and get better!

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As well as images, you can attach audio or video files to Mastodon posts. Here are some assorted tips:

-There is no length limit on audio or video files, but they have to be below a certain file size (usually 40 megabytes). Check with your server admin if you're unsure about the file size limits.

-You can replace the thumbnail with an image file by clicking on the "choose image" button.

-On audio files, remember to add a text description of the sound for deaf users.

-On video files, remember to add text descriptions of the pictures for blind users, and of the sound for deaf users.

-Silent MP4 videos will be treated as animated GIF images.

-Audio can be MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, AAC, M4A, 3GP

-Video can be MP4, M4V, MOV, WebM

Thanks to the lack of a time limit, one legendary Mastodon post had the Angelina Jolie film "Hackers" ridiculously compressed to fit within the file size limit. It was unwatchable 😁

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Accessibility #A11y


Too late, you're infected 😲
This is what comes up with when I say "colorful corrupted computer complications" + "viruses malware across networks"
So coool!

Interested to see what this one comes up with “colorful corrupted computer complications viruses 🦠 malware across networks”

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Hi, I'm Conor, a voiceover artist from Ireland.
I've voiced for The United Nations, Guinness, Viacom and a lot of others.

I'm also a big fan of #Tabletop games.
If you have a #TTRPG project that needs a voiceover for a trailer or something, I'll voice it for like 20% of what I'd normally charge.

I'd love to be doing more work that matches my interests.

if you'd like to see if I sound right for your thing!

Y’all ever hear of the Apoollo space proogram 😂 Didn’t say these would be legible, but it’s learning!

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