I’m trying not to pollute local timelines on topical mastodon servers with “other” content (cat pictures excluded)

Anyone know a good server for geeky and random stream of consciousness stuff? One that isn’t just a bunch of annoying straight white dudes arguing about FOSS or why everyone else’s programming language choices suck?

@meandeef most of those I’ve found are just huge random collections of folks with wildly divergent interests. Also with so many, so different, i think I’d feel lost in the noise, and have a hard time finding folks like me.

@masukomi maybe we have to start it? Let me know if you find one

I’ll look too because that sounds like a nice place…

@meandeef I’m hoping to not have to go that route, but I’m willing to. It’s just a lot of work and time to build a community of nice folks, and until then things would prolly be pretty quiet. ;)

Will holler if i do.

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