The Brute
The Scarlet Robed
The Fallen Knight
The Blood-touched
The Warlord of Chaos
The Fanged Beast

These are the six souls bound to enter the dungeons of Murder Gate, to seek the Crown of Corruption and bend its foul will to their own.

At times they are allies…other times they are foes.

Only one can claim the crown…

Who dares to take up the helm of each avatar and enter…


(Original art by Billy Blue)


@chrismennell been messing with an ai image generator all day and here are some fun prompts from this:

**The Brute standing powerfully in front of the murder gate**

@chrismennell **The Warlord of Chaos yells a mighty war cry as fires rage and drums beat**

@chrismennell the fanged beast sizes up the knight and the carnage of their last battle

@meandeef these pieces of art are amazing!!! You did these with an AI app? What are the licensing rights to these images…just for fun or are they publishable? Crazy stuff! At the very least thanks for sharing these!

@chrismennell comes from a derivative of Google’s Deepdream called Midjourney I’ve been using I have the top plan for “unlimited” access

Quoting from their terms:
“Assets you've created are licensed to you under the Creative Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License (the “Asset License”), which full text is accessible as of the Effective Date here:

**Entrepreneurship License Terms**

@chrismennell If you are a Paid Member, Midjourney grants to You the rights to deal in the Assets you've created without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use/sell… the Assets, subject to the following conditions:

1. You generate under $20k revenue per month.

2. If you exceed this, you may either pay Midjourney 20% of revenue generated from any use of the Assets above that, or enter into an alternative agreement with Midjourney.

@chrismennell Post me some prompts today and I’ll post the responses from it!

@meandeef these are mind bogglingly fascinating and I have no idea how you make them but if you can assert they are safe for commercial use, let’s make a book together! I love these!

I was thinking Dungeons of Murder Gate would be traditional B&W old school with dungeons by @dysonlogos but what do I know? Full color dream-AI imbued original artwork may be the route to go!

@chrismennell @dysonlogos I was making a bunch of line drawings of moon bases yesterday too. I’ll make another thread of them once I get to work

I had been taking what was generated and throwing it into a digital painter to add some touches and make things nicer as well. The ones I showed you were unedited

Yeah let’s make a book!

@chrismennell @dysonlogos it can also improvise on input images with a seed-based phrase. If we feed it a bunch of similar content under the same seed it will start to learn what that looks like and be able to imitate it.

For example, if any artist gives me a bunch of their images and we tag it with that seed it can start to imitate their style

@chrismennell @dysonlogos it’s really easy in their app to track which images have been generated so the rights won’t be a problem I don’t think. Can take 20 images a month fully owned out of the system.

@chrismennell @dysonlogos here are some others and their prompts so you can get an idea: all these are unedited straight out of their bot:

an armored knight and large wolf leap towards each other with a clash of metal, teeth, and lightning ⚡️ 🗡🌩

@chrismennell Yeah, I actually do mind, thanks for asking. Not kidding.

I'd rather not... I don't want to give people a reason to sign into Facebook and keep that platform alive.

@meandeef understood! Yeah I definitely always try to ask people before I share content.

@chrismennell You're more than welcome to share them on your website and newsletter if you'd like, as long as you point people to my Twitter or Twitch

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