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Meguey Baker

For reals, now I see folks I’ve followed and want to interact with first instead of somehow only seeing all of someone else’s stream, which I’m not even sure how that happened. Also, I’m on day three of weird headache, and I got to spend the morning rearranging boxes at the museum to make my workflow better, so that’s cool.

I changed one thing on this platform and suddenly I might use it more! Or not. We’ll see. Who knows.

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My brain hurts this morning.

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Hope may be nothing but anyone’s wish,
and we will sing songs of memories tonight.
But long gone are the years where we can wait
a day, a month, or more to fight.

If you ring this new year aloud, I ask you
just one thing I can bring to heart:
Don’t let fear, hate, waste, or weariness
Keep you from a fighting start.

We have many years yet to live,
and just as many in which to die.
So join me this coming year in this:
Do what needs to be done – what’s right.

-“It Isn’t Over” Brie Sheldon, 2017

I need to be doing one thing but instead I'm doing the other thing. Yep.

Celebrating today by playing Minecraft in my pjs and eating cookies. May there be peace on earth and goodwill among all humankind. Even mobs.

Spending the midday writing an end-of-the-year report on my museum research work. Yay!

Screaming into the void "What can I do to increase the love, harmony and beauty in the world today????"

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In unrelated news, I am entirely out of fucks to give for a white straight guy’s appraisal of how much diversity is too much.

Sidenote: I wonder if there are enough people on Mastedon to play in-thread games like I do on g+

Days like this I oddly miss the part of my childhood spent in an un-insulated house, where we'd move into the living-room after Thanksgiving, stoke up the woodstove, put blankets over the doorway to the side room, & just close the door to the upstairs for about 4 months. It was cozy but surreal. We slept on my great-grandmother's fold-out couch and read books from shelves within reach by the light of the fire, which always had a kettle bubbling on top. In retrospect, I had a weird childhood!

Sidenote: my 12 year old likes to feign indignation over our colorful use of words, saying "Language!" in shocked tones. You'd be surprised at what constitutes "Language!" in his book. Apparently "hecking" is acceptable.

Dear genealogists: please be more careful in your documentation. No hecking way this person had five distinct sets of parents. Not even with serial marriages.

It is so cold here that tea and layers of wool is not enough. Winter hit New England in a rush, like "Oh sorry to be late, here's two snowstorms and single-digit weather after a November in the upper to mid-40s with sunshine!" Perfect combo to make people sick.

Second major recommendation for setting material: the entire series of A History of Private Life

This is just a little noise about how cool I think @stras is: so cool.

From Twitter @nekoewen “Get out your phone, type "I want to make an RPG that," and then tap the middle autocomplete button until you have a sentence.”

I want to make the RPG that I can get in and it is still a good thing for you.