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Meguey Baker

Who else was at and is on

If I started a Mastodon instance for PbtA, how hard could that be, right? I mean, do people check multiple instances? Is there a way to make all the instances you are part of feed to your homepage or whatever?

Ok, so now I need to follow a bunch of people here to talk about roleplaying games, history, de-colonization, how cool rocks are, probably some other stuff. I guess ping this if that sounds cool to you and I'll follow you back?

Right! Moving on! 🍍
I'm Meguey Baker, I work in local history museums, I'm a sex ed teacher, and I make stuff, including role-playing games:

Nice to meet you, what's your main thing?

I have so much I need to be doing today! Why now, G+? Why now?

We work so hard to build ways to communicate, and we are exceedingly clever at doing so, but sometimes it feels like we're all just being co-modified, y'know? Also, where is everyone and how will I keep track of people I've come to like and admire and rely on?


The exodus from g+ is hitting at a very busy time. Grr.

15 By the time you hear about it, I've been thinking about it for a while and I'm ready to test a thing or run through a mechanic or check how some rules interact. Designing in public leads to designing by committee, and that's anti-helpful 95% of the time.

14 To know my designs build bridges between people; expand the number of people you might consider playing a ttrpg with & what a ttrpg is about; go to all the conventions all the time; find ways to finally write the three games that are my pod of white whales.

13 AD&D, my sister, @JonathanMTweet : Ars Magica & @lumpleygames & @Emilycare : playing w me, @ClaudiaCangi : art that made 1001 Nights 2nd ed happen, @QueenOvPirates & @kleenestar : pushing me, @Epidiah : V&S, Mo Jave & @Burning_Luke : new ways to LARP, my kids

12 , twitter @nightskygames, g+ Meguey Baker, east coast conventions, @DriveThruRPG, interviews with folks like @briecs and @gnomestew. Thank goodness for all these new-fangled things like computers, the internet, POD and PDFs!

11 11 My company is Night Sky Games ; my logo is a white monogram on a deep blue circle scattered with darkly iridescent sequins; my slogan is "As many stories as there are stars"; my mascot is currently a green-eyed goblin in a striped gown. My patreon is

10 @Emilycare wrote Fluffy Bunnies & it’s still my favorite “no for real, I would like zero stress please thank you!” TTRPG. Next would be Gray Pawn’s Treehouse Dreams, @MakeBigThings Birds Are Amazing, & @Epidiah Vast&Starlit. The Doomed Pilgrim is oddly next.

9 Think, write, revise, let it rest, write more, go for a walk, revise, do life, writ write write, playtest, iterate, repeat.

8 Think about games as a subroutine nearly 24/7, write frantically when I have minutes to spare, sometimes get up/stay up because its pounding on my brain, when I have a coherent idea talk with Vincent, when it’s playtestable get w/ Eppy and Emily Care, sometimes also the

6 My workspace is my home, also the three museums I work in, as well as various coffee shops, parks, and etc.

6 My favorite game mechanics are the ones clearly designed For That Game. Sometimes it's 2d6+stat, sometimes it's draw a card, sometimes it's 100 other options. Just make the mechanics serve the game. One good example: fan mail tokens in Primetime Adventures.

5. My favorite game I’m working on right now is a suite of site-specific games for use in museums, parks, libraries, schools, etc. the first one gets tested hard next week at where I run support for 20 teen LARPers at a farm. It’ll be fun!

4 My whole deal is creating frameworks for people to hang out & tell stories together. The connection between people comes first, then the stories. Trying on different roles & difference approaches to a situation is also good. Also: feminist, quixotic, fun.