A follow up question: what are we doing now that we’re here? Let us gather for a purpose beyond “talk about stuff and things!” What gives us meaning, individually and collectively? There is a massive massive massive flood of “content” in the world; we are super saturated with it. Lots of us make it. Im not saying anyone stop, I’m saying what could we make together if we had a plan?

@meguey I joined to listen, learn, and to timidly put forward my own ideas from time to time.

As for what we can accomplish as a community: I have to believe that we are magic and nothing can stand in our way.

@meguey That's a question that gives me pause. I'll be thinking on it.

@meguey Ok, so way back, like late 80s, early 90s, people would get together on USENET and pick a topic. They'd all write articles on it, edit eachothers work and compile them into a netbook or You can still find some of them online, but a lot vanished when the FTP server most used for hosting died, then more were lost with Geocities. I've got a few on my HDD.

@Canageek @meguey You can still find them in USENET. You just need to dig deeeeeeeep into the archives.

@gamethyme @meguey These are from before my time, but when I was looking for them in the early 2000s most of the usenet links were too FTP servers.

@Canageek @meguey Oh. Right. That is how it used to be, wasn't it?

Man. That was a long time ago.

@meguey @gamethyme The great thing about then was they weren't tired to one blog or forum post. They really died when people started posting to forums, and now we've lost almost all of that. Enworld lost its archives, Wizards nuked theirs on a regular basis...

@gamethyme @meguey Still, I'd totally be up for helping edit one. Would be fine to have something with a variety of different articles in it, like early Dragon magazines rather then everything on one world or setting or game.

@Canageek @meguey @gamethyme I think the only one that I'm aware of that survived in print form is Fudge, but I might be mistaken.

@Canageek @meguey @gamethyme Maybe not in the strict sense, but it started life as a bunch of ideas that got cobbled together into a RPG.

@gamethyme @Canageek @meguey I have a signed copy of Gatecrasher from @mwlucas, but that was 20+ years after the fact. 😀

@mwlucas @meguey @gamethyme @craigmaloney seems to have most of the old books I found on the early 2000s of you want examples of what I was thinking of.

@craigmaloney @gamethyme @Canageek @meguey and you shocked the living crap out of me by bringing it to a tech talk. 😞

@craigmaloney @craigmaloney @gamethyme @Canageek @meguey Weird thing is, when I said I had written that game, dozens of people approached me and said "You're that Michael Lucas? I loved that setting." I thought it had been a complete failure for ~20 years.

@Canageek Oh sure, Usenet. and the like. Sure. I just hadn’t heard the term Netbook in so long it had rolled into the “possible discards” section of my brain.

@meguey I mostly want to make connections, to rekindle my love of role-playing games, reconnect to my roots and branch out. But if something more is created, I wouldn't mind.

@CarlCravens Yes, all that. I’m just curious what more this could be.

@meguey It gives meaning to me when I can share my views on the world and maybe help someone out with it.

Maybe just putting ideas out there, for others to pick up is a worthwhile goal?

@meguey The most difficult part of it is probably getting a central place (website? monthly/quartly pdf? youtube?) to easily pick up those ideas.

Other things to consider: topics (trpgs? gender? social interaction? all of it?), length (essays? paragraphs? phrases? mixed?), format (text? audio? video?), curation (what is allowed? who decides this?)

@RedEyeRagnarok And all of that is if it’s a Thing that gets Made (by who? for who?) If we take as the already existing space, and use its format and affordances, what is the shape of the Thing?

@meguey Personally I feel like things get lost too easily in a twitter-esque/mastodon format, so I put the idea forward to do a Made Thing as an compilation of an Ideas Thing.

But's format easily allows for "chime in" discussion, especially with an . That could be the Ideas Thing. Single posts or threads probably are an easily consumed text media, if tags indicate the content/topic, so a reader can make a concious decision whether they want to read it.

@meguey At the bare minimum we can share what it is that we're working on . That's the default mode and seems to happen regardless of any planning.

With some planning I think there's more that we can do but I'm not sure of the commitment. It's hard enough to get folks to check into this network, so coming up with a broad plan might fizzle out unless it were a good plan.

But I don't doubt that we can create something amazing. We already have the pieces in place.

It would be nice if, as a community, good people started writing a prototype for a new constitution.

You know, for when the current one fails.

And for the record, a government is nothing but a set of rules to facilitate society, much as game mechanics are rules to facilitate play. Maybe game designers will have a more intuitive thought process for designing such a thing.

Think about it: economies are just resources being managed at large scale, criminal law is basic social contract guidelines... worst-case, we create something that economists have to help fiddle with.

Let us start working on USA Second Edition.

@meguey I love your question!

It gives me meaning to pass on what I know, so that others can benefit. You inspired me with your G+ post about sex ed and how it makes lives better if people learn how treat each other with respect.

I try to pass on what I know about story games to a next generation of new gamers. And I'd like to make games that teach about communication in tough situations.

If someone learns how to be empathetic in a game and then uses that in real life, the world is better.

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