I am just a small museum librarian who plays a lot of ttrpgs (and other games). I am currently a player in 2 #dnd 5e campaigns and the DM of one. I also DM Vaesen, play in a Svavelvinter campaign, participate in a Masks run, and have just fallen in love with Mörk Borg after a super fun one-shot.

I will probably split my focus on sharing #ttrpg tingies and stuff about old books #introduction


@dungeonlibrary@tabletop.sociaHi there, I'm a small museum curator who writes indie

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@dungeonlibrary Sometimes my work feels like exploring a dungeon full of strange old things and forgotten stories and I've been tasked with sifting through, finding treasures, and figuring out how to best share both those stories and that experience!

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