Hi, this is going to be wonderful and you should totally back the Kickstarter, kthxbai.

"Bronze-Age Sword and Sorcery roleplaying, inspired by TORAH and ILLIAD, GILGAMESH and ACHILLES, CONAN and THE DYING EARTH."


Family movie night (the daughter requested Princess Mononoke, which she is using for a school project), and - as I've seen it enough times - I'm planning other uses for the Tarokka deck as we start Curse of Strahd on Monday.

@michael_sands I personally pay ¢8/word, which is the SFWA minimum rate. I've taken less when I've written for someone else, with the stipulation that the copyright remains mine and I'm licensing it to the publisher.

Hey, any RPG industry types with a current "what's a reasonable per-word" rate for freelancers these days?

In particular, for a non-exclusive license to use text where the author retains copyright & ownership.

Hack The Planet, my cyberpunk, climate fiction Forged in the Dark game is in the final couple days of the Kickstarter campaign.

Check it out if you think it might be your jam!


The Nightmares Underneath lunchtime office game: they completed their third incursion today, and the champion of chaos is now level 2 and flush with new spells to cast.

The more I play TNU, the more I'm enjoying it.

Bonus points: the chaos champion has two hirelings, who are steadily gaining nightmare curses. It will not end well.

I also had some fun with the two hirelings the Champion of Chaos hired. Both are now suffering from nightmare curses after their first expedition, and I think they might now be a bit of a liability rather than a help...

In my work lunchtime Nightmares Underneath game, a colleague said something pretty neat.

He's been playing a long running D&D game, all high level characters and long histories.

His comment on Nightmares was that it was pretty cool to have his first character killed off in the second session - made him really appreciate the danger of it all. 👌

(Yes, there are some big names in this adventure).

The game went pretty well, although I admit I enjoyed the Nazgul being there more than they did.

Top moment of the game was the withering stare Saruman gave to our woodman when he made a sarcastic comment to the wizard. Saruman does not care for mortal jokes.

Prepping The One Ring for tomorrow in our continuing Darkening of Mirkwood campaign.

This session, they'll face a Nazgul for the first time. Fun!

hm, I should say "everyone was almost burnt to death", there were no actual casulaties.

Also the hireling fighter saved them. Without her desperate musket shot to kill the hellhound, they would all have been toast. Except the other (non-combatant) hireling who had already fled.

Nightmares Underneath at work lunchtime this week: only one player, who hired some support characters and went to explore an incursion in the countryside.

Almost everyone got burnt to death and both hirelings have nightmare curses, but they did clear the incursion! Total success, basically.

The other PC who survived, the champion of chaos, cheerfully looted his dead rival's gear and went shopping. Key upgrades: swapped nothing for some armour and swapped a light crossbow for a musket.

I was also running a semi-NPC assassin, who is hoarding his cash for now (most of this game he was run by the player of the dead PC).

Workplace lunchtime Nightmares Underneath: episode 2

We destroyed the tiny incursion, huzzah! Sadly at the cost of one champion of law, stabbed through the heart by a living-hating revenant, and they didn't fully loot the place so experience rewards were quite low.

But everyone had fun so a win all round. The champion has been replaced by a fighter (with much better stat rolls!) so I suspect we'll be a bit better off next time.

Off to play Pandemic Legacy Season 2 tonight. Coming in from a three game losing streak so I sure hope we can win the next one.

FWIW: Trying to keep that list of non-violent RPG options over here. If people have more recommendations please let me know.


I’m on a facebook group with people trying to find some non-violent RPGs. Anyone have recommendations? (They’ve currently got some Tales from the Loop and a particularly focused Savage Worlds session on the books.)

I am engaging Veins of the Earth to build some tasty mine workings to explore, too.

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