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The other PC who survived, the champion of chaos, cheerfully looted his dead rival's gear and went shopping. Key upgrades: swapped nothing for some armour and swapped a light crossbow for a musket.

I was also running a semi-NPC assassin, who is hoarding his cash for now (most of this game he was run by the player of the dead PC).

Workplace lunchtime Nightmares Underneath: episode 2

We destroyed the tiny incursion, huzzah! Sadly at the cost of one champion of law, stabbed through the heart by a living-hating revenant, and they didn't fully loot the place so experience rewards were quite low.

But everyone had fun so a win all round. The champion has been replaced by a fighter (with much better stat rolls!) so I suspect we'll be a bit better off next time.

Off to play Pandemic Legacy Season 2 tonight. Coming in from a three game losing streak so I sure hope we can win the next one.

FWIW: Trying to keep that list of non-violent RPG options over here. If people have more recommendations please let me know.


I’m on a facebook group with people trying to find some non-violent RPGs. Anyone have recommendations? (They’ve currently got some Tales from the Loop and a particularly focused Savage Worlds session on the books.)

I am engaging Veins of the Earth to build some tasty mine workings to explore, too.

A fun night plotting The One Ring adventures. The companions are planning to help recover the dwarf fortress Greydelve from the orcs that have long held it. It's like giving me a mini-Moria campaign to design!

Played the first game of new Wednesday lunchtime campaign of The Nightmares Underneath.

Only two players, and they chose to make... a champion of law AND a champion of chaos O_o

There's been no time for philosophical arguments yet but I guess that will come after the fighting is done.

I've continued to update my list of excellent free & PWYW RPGs and supplements on DriveThruRPG, with another 10-12 entries added yesterday.

This curated list (based on personal preference and my experience with the products listed) generally excludes previews, quickstarts, micro-supplements, character sheets, and the like, making it easy for folks to discover dozens of great RPGs, zines, and sourcebooks -- and hopefully some hidden gems.


Making up nightmare incursions for The Nightmares Underneath is pretty fun. I have two horrible micro-incursions ready for lunchtime game at the office next week.

I love that you also let the unhandled incursions get worse as time goes on, plus the rules for other groups trying to deal with them (mainly the other adventurers just get killed I think).

Yay, I got some work done on the Monster of the Week Mystery Collection today! Hopefully can get it all finished up soon.

Getting organised to do a lunchtime game at the office this year.

I'm planning to start with The Nightmares Underneath, which should be good for a casual game with people dropping in and out, I'd say.

Lots of short incursions, so we can get one done over a lunch hour most weeks.

Hm, I just made a list of the games on my shelf I haven't played yet... sadly it's quite long.

They must be played!

The list (in shelf order):
* Stars Without Number (revised)
* Ryuutama
* Cthulhu Dark (revised)
* Unknown Armies (3rd edition)
* Alas For The Awful Sea
* The Watch
* The 'Hood
* Sagas of the Icelanders
* How We Came To Live Here
* Microscope
* Blood Red Sands
* Shock: Human Contact
* Thou Art But A Warrior
* Diaspora
* Burning Wheel
* Sig: Manual Of The Primes

Return to The One Ring after hiatus was a fun session. Lots of reminding ourselves about the characters and rules, and a fairly restrained diplomatic adventure to handle a few regional issues and seed some future plot threads.

Looking forward to the next one!

Pretty excited to return to our Darkening of Mirkwood campaign tomorrow after a many month hiatus. But there's still about 20 adventures to go, just counting those in the book.

Here is a short rpg I wrote about being psychic githzerai refugees seeking a new homeland for your people.


One of my goals for 2018 is to write a short game each month about a weird or obscure D&D monster.