Hey, any RPG industry types with a current "what's a reasonable per-word" rate for freelancers these days?

In particular, for a non-exclusive license to use text where the author retains copyright & ownership.

@michael_sands I personally pay ¢8/word, which is the SFWA minimum rate. I've taken less when I've written for someone else, with the stipulation that the copyright remains mine and I'm licensing it to the publisher.

@michael_sands I won’t take less than 0.05 without a really good reason but prefer to take SFWA rates. However 0.05 for retaining copyright/ownership wouldn’t be bad. (I’m somewhat lucky in that I am a full-time worker elsewhere with a job I don’t plan to quit so I can say a rate is too low and just move on.)

@michael_sands (of course, a fair rate is even more important for people who actually make their living at this… It’s just that since I don’t, I can be choosy in a way that somebody else may not.)

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