In anticipation of running my Traveller/D&D hack this weekend at OrcCon, I just rolled up a highly intelligent 0th-level elf with virtually no skills and a ludicrously wealthy 3rd-level halfling with the brains of a rock.

So the system works.

Hey, I'm running my sorta-weird but completely warranted D&D hack of Classic Traveller at @strategicon in a few weeks! You WILL survive character creation. It's a Mike Olson Guarantee*!

*Not to be construed as a guarantee.

, RPG-wise?

God, I dunno.

Write three D&D adventures for SDCC? I'm already on the hook for that so it's not much of a "goal," really. Like, I HAVE to do that.

Maybe finish that Traveller/D&D thing?

Make something with Cortex Prime? A wuxia thing?

Get my money's worth out of Forbidden Lands whenever it shows up?

If anyone has a thing they think I should or just want me to do I'm open to suggestions. This CAN include "Please stop doing things altogether." I'm very open-minded!

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@meguey and I are following Avery Alder's lead:

"I've been thinking about accessible pricing a lot lately, and so: All my games are now offered with a 30% discount for folks living in poverty or facing marginalized access in the community. Just use the discount code AFFORDABLE if you need it."

So if it'll help take the pressure off, Meg and I are offering the same discount, same coupon code AFFORDABLE, at &


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I made an audio balancing tutorial for people streaming RPGs on Twitch. So many streams where one or more people are not the same volume as everyone else >_<

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Hey, if you're an creative with a Patreon and are looking for an alternative, I'll be happy to help you set up your own micro-patron system using paypal on your website, free of charge.

Don't have a website? I can help with that too.

Hit me up.

We got a Christmas card from just the whitest, blondest, most-affluent-while-still-knowing-us family you can imagine, posing with golf clubs on a golf course, and my first thought was "I wish them well in the coming revolution."

Han's line about the Falcon making the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs is a ridiculous exaggeration for humorous effect -- "It's so fast that one time I had diarrhea and 12 parsecs away from the nearest toilet and my ship got me there so fast I didn't even shit my pants" -- that he KNOWS Obi-Wan will understand. He's totally deadpan with it, which is why Obi-Wan makes the face he does in response -- "Seriously? Poop jokes?"

Okay, are you ready for this? It's gross.

The "Kessel Run" is actually the literal run to the toilet when you have diarrhea. The challenge is getting there before you void your bowels. Ideally, you want the shortest Kessel Run possible, for obvious reasons, but sometimes it's beyond your control.

The thing where liking a -- sigh -- toot entails clicking a star, and the star spins around when you click it?

That makes me want to click stars more.

Hey, maybe this is the right place to get an opinion or two on this.

A few years ago I wrote a D&D hack for LBB Traveller, for people who like D&D tropes but also like old-school Traveller mechanics. I'm not sure if this is an audience of one (me), but I've run it a few times and it's always been some degree of "good." Character creation is especially fun -- that's the one constant to come out of what I guess have been its playtests.

Does this appeal to you? Is there a broader audience for it?


That Sentinels of the Multiverse RPG starter set is very cool.

Neoclassical Geek Revival looks pretty bonkers in a good way.

I picked up Mythras today on sale at Dice House today and am eager to dig into it.

The new edition of 7th Sea was also on sale -- for half off! -- and it was a difficult decision to not buy it, but I made the call and I'm sticking with it.


I see people talking about using to, like, blog, which I guess makes sense since Mastodon bills itself as a microblogging website, but... like... is that the idea here? Because right now I'm treating it like a narrowly focused Twitter with a more generous character count.

BTW, anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I don't do anything useful with RPGs there either, so... grain of salt.

was AD&D in 1980. I was 7 or 8, and our family was on a cruise ship to Alaska. Some kids on the ship put a D&D game on the ship's schedule of activities. I played a 7th-level thief and was killed by a trap, IIRC. When we stopped in Juneau I found a pre-painted lead mini in a little store and my mom bought it for me -- still have it! When we got back, my grandparents bought me the Basic D&D boxed set. I started all my characters at 7th level and named them all after LotR characters.

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Last: Ran and played D&D 5E over the weekend. It has really sucked me in.

Best: Impossible to answer. Next question.

Wanna: Uh... more MHR, Sentinels, Conan 2d20, WFRP 1e or 2e, someone's Star Wars hack, a Fiasco playset with kittens as protags, Masks, that solo D&D game I started for my son months ago that's lain dormant for... months, the new Paranoia, others. And, if I'm being honest, more 5E D&D.

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On a long enough timeline, every rpg gets used for Star Wars.

When you've done it, what have you used?

One major difference between Mastodon and Twitter is that there's a button that says TOOT!, which is a massive improvement. How can I make it make a fart sound when I click it? Or do I have to supply that myself?

This feels like my first day on Twitter, when I basically felt like "What do I do with this thing, exactly?"

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