Follow urban fantasy game where the player characters are talented mundanes and extremely wimpy supernaturals. They run an Internet startup that bills itself as a LARP/ARG site, with a supernatural spin on all the top headlines of the day (it’s The Onion as far as vampires, werewolves, etc. are concerned). For historical reasons, they are also the ISP for local supernaturals. (It all started with a bulletin board system back in the 1980s.)

Sample plotlines:
• An ancient vampire lord came out of hibernation and is trying to get up to date. He was very pleased to have mastered email, but his ghouls weren't that clued-in and he fell for a 419 scam. He needs to know how to trace this scammer and send minions.
• The haunted house needs wired Ethernet. With arcane sigils to protect the cables.
• Local werewolves want furry parties nearby to create fake sightings.
• The wizard's sanctum needs gremlins banished from the router.

Supernatural PCs are on the very weak end of the power curve. Vampire PCs who can, at best, mesmerize drunks and small children, but can match blood samples much faster than a crime lab. Werewolf PCs who have human roommates who do the paperwork for having a wolf hybrid and aren’t even embarrassed to wear a collar, but can track by scent. Failed wizard apprentices who couldn’t muster the concentration and memorization to become a magus.

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