Since my brain doesn’t want to let go of the notion of building a world based on Dungeon Meshi metaphysics, I figured “hey, let’s break some of the usual eurocentric tropes as long as we’re here.” So in place of elves, I have the xylic, who are much more like the sylvari of Guild Wars 2; in place of gnomes, I have a species that evolved from something like the kakapo parrot.


For the halfling niche, I’m going with ursine creatures with enough variation in ear and muzzle shape, body type, coat pattern, tail length, and furriness that some look more like bears, foxes, or cats.

I’m still pondering a good denizen for the dwarf niche.

Currently pondering badgers as a good basis for a sentient species that fills the “dwarf” niche. Omnivores, good at digging, gruff temperaments.

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