Idea for a skill to add to my Fate Core game.

*Foresight*: used to Create Advantages or Overcome Obstacles when prior planning would have been required to execute the action the player is undertaking.

E.g. the PC wants to spike a door (Create Advantage: jammed door), but spikes and a hammer aren't specifically mentioned on the character sheet. Make a Foresight roll with a difficulty related to the likelihood of this situation. Success? Congrats, you have the implements you need!



@emdeesee I usually allow existing skills to be used for that, as “how plausible is it that your character thought to bring the item and had no reason to bring it out yet?” If the skill for it isn’t clear, I use Resources. This avoids inventory tracking.

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@mithriltabby I've let players invoke aspects to get these kinds of outcomes, too, and that works pretty well. I'm intrigued, though, by applying the skill mechanic specifically to thinking ahead...

@mithriltabby Thinking about this further, I tend to reserve Resources for questions of coin. Do you have the funds to do X?

@emdeesee I use it as “I solve problems with money”. So you can roll Resources to create a "Bribed" aspect on someone, or to create an aspect representing something you obtained. There are some cases where it Defends in contests, if the defense amounts to “I bought something high quality”.

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