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What’s a good fantasy or sci fi world without a simmering latent risk of apocalypse or two? D&D has the tarrasque and any number of gods who would love to come fuck people’s shit up. The real world has the climate crisis. Many mythologies prophesy some sort of cataclysmic upheaval.

So what’s waiting for the opportunity to completely wreck the normal way of things in your world? What could bring it about? Are there forces actively seeking to stop or cause it?


@VestigialLung The premise of the world of Omphalos is “monsters all the way down”. Mountain ranges are sleeping dragons. Colossal serpents lie at the bottoms of rivers. Titanic beasts form the crustal plates of the planet. The Crimson Horde are a group of nomads who are very good at irritating the colossal landforms enough to get them to wake up and wreck civilized infrastructure to make it easy to raid. And there are many arguments about what lies beneath the titanic beasts...

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@mithriltabby nice, taking the mythology about the world being on a turtle’s back or the like literally.

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