With going around again: I’ve been gaming since the days of the D&D Basic Set and am currently heavily into the variants of the Fate RPG. I’m most of the way through a Star Wars campaign (, have done Shadowrun (, Feng Shui, and Ars Magica, and am currently brewing up a Fate Accelerated take on Shadowrun. My main account is @mithriltabby.

@mithriltabby Hi! I saw your introductions post. Nice to meet you! You seem to have a lot of experience with Fate, and I'm curious if you have any advice/resources for running Fate campaigns.

I tried Fate Accelerated with my group and it didn't really stick. Wonder if there's a better way to ease into it (we usually play 5e but FAE looks far more appealing to me personally) Any tips?

@robotsneedhugs I haven’t dragged my group into FAE yet, so I don’t have any success stories to share. The key insight that led to trying FAE for Shadowrun was reading through , which emphasizes that your characters do the sorts of things that kind of character do, and are defined by that, rather than by whether you can make skills approximate it.

@robotsneedhugs Here’s a snippet from my work-in-progress, where the Archetypes are Chrome, Magic, Tech, Face, Scrounge, and Style:

Getting into a nightclub:

Flashy + Scrounge: present the bouncer with a mint condition t-shirt from Jetblack’s final tour.
Sneaky + Scrounge: fistbump the bouncer and certified nuyen transfers to her over the data connection created when your electrical auras merge.
Flashy + Style: you look so good, the bouncer lets you in.

@robotsneedhugs Sneaky + Style: you blend in with a group of other clubgoers who are arriving together.
Sneaky + Tech: you evade the security sensors (and the cover charge)
Clever + Tech: (for a decker) you hack into the Link of one of the band’s roadies and add yourself as a gofer with side door access.
Flashy + Face: your friendly demeanor persuades the bouncer that you’re the sort of person who should be on the dance floor.
Sneaky + Face: you quietly name-drop the right people to the bouncer.

@mithriltabby Wow, thanks for all the examples and resources! I will try to dig through these and see if there's a better way for me to explain or present the mechanics to my group. 👍

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