Post Scarcity Cthulhu: the post-scarcity galactic civilization is happy to share their technology with us. And it’s very, very alien, mostly organic.

e.g.: You can access the Galactic Information Network, but the implant most compatible with humans looks like a giant scarab beetle that covers the top of your head (it replaces the top of your skull). Exposure to alien thoughtforms makes you somewhere from openly weird to a raving loony.

To Vanquish Aku: each PC is the world champion of a different era (anything from ancient Egypt to the 20th century), Samurai Jack style. Each one was kicked into the far future by Aku and remembers Aku arriving in their parents’ generation. They find each other in the Aku-dominated world and team up to finally take down the big bad.

Pondering a space opera setting that addresses why we aren’t already a satrapy for aliens:

The galactic standard proof of being a civilized species is sending out self-replicating killbots that wipe out any civilization that attempts to colonize another solar system. If a colony ship leaves your solar system first, you’re toast. If your killbots do, you’re welcomed to galactic civilization.

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