Now we have a clue as to what fire giants eat when they’re at home. And now you don’t just have to worry about giants throwing boulders at you, you have to worry about volcano goats head-butting you into the lava. THE WIZARD BACK IN TOWN HIRED YOU TO GET SPARKBEE HONEY AND NOW YOU HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE TRADE DEALS WITH FIRE GIANTS.

Lava clover, emberberries, and ifrit peppers can sink roots even into igneous rock, where they are pollinated by sparkbees and eaten by pyroguanas, igneous turtles, pumice voles, and volcano goats (some of whom can reach 800 pounds). Lava ants are a form of army ant; their venom causes burns, and can be harvested for an assassin’s use to cause a body to burst into flames, making the target extremely difficult to resurrect. Intermediate predators include salamanders and obsidian owls.

I figure it starts out with fleshing out the ecology. Where do all these top-level predators come from? Gotta invent some magic-infused ecologies that live on volcanoes and glaciers, and in the Underdark.

I’ve been pondering a fantasy setting where there’s no shortcut for detecting good or evil and conflict arises from consistent motivations. Going through the 5e and Pathfinder source material, there is a whole lot of β€œthey’re just wired that way and don’t really have free will in the matter” or β€œa god told them to do it” in there. Lots of room for inventing more interesting motivations.

I’m still pondering a good denizen for the dwarf niche.

For the halfling niche, I’m going with ursine creatures with enough variation in ear and muzzle shape, body type, coat pattern, tail length, and furriness that some look more like bears, foxes, or cats.

Since my brain doesn’t want to let go of the notion of building a world based on Dungeon Meshi metaphysics, I figured β€œhey, let’s break some of the usual eurocentric tropes as long as we’re here.” So in place of elves, I have the xylic, who are much more like the sylvari of Guild Wars 2; in place of gnomes, I have a species that evolved from something like the kakapo parrot.

@Canageek Crystal decanters of good liquor. A snooker table. A gramophone.

Fatbergs are one of the most horrifying urban elementals. Few can summon them and keep hold of their sanity.

@ossifog My players wanted an archaeology theme, so instead of the default Martians I decided to go full-on Stargate and have the entire Baroque Space Opera cosmos for the players to discover over time.

@ossifog A setting that freely rips off Earth history while adding fantastical elements and space travel. It has the classic tropes of arid-but-habitable Mars, jungle Venus.

I'm running a historical space fantasy on Friday nights and prepping a Shadowrun campaign so OF COURSE my brain wants to come up with a high fantasy setting based on the Dungeon Meshi manga.

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