@ossifog Depends on how much context is required to make it interesting. It requires fairly good introspection to figure that out before telling the story.

@Miru The conspiracy of vampires that were essentially one-upping the Grandmother Effect <en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandmot was fun, too. Once they figured out that the only people taking permanent harm were the ones doing harm to society, the party left them alone.

@Miru I have entirely too much fun with intelligent undead. One location I had was a necropolis inhabited mostly by intelligent undead; if you had a criminal so nasty that they were likely to get promoted in the afterlife, you could bring them there and a lich would bind their soul into a zombie in the mortal world, and they would become a servant in the necropolis. It was the only place to find people with knowledge of some obscure parts of history.

A lot of gamers are going to MeWe as part of the exodus from G+. My profile there is mewe.com/i/mithriltabby .

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@dbisdorf We already are and haven’t even started the game yet. The players have been coming up with the “where did you get a ship and how did you become a group” as “we were passengers on a ship where the crew mutinied and stranded us on an asteroid, intending to ransom us, and we rehabilitated a crashed ship and are now hunting them”. The first adventures almost write themselves!

My players were happy with a stopping point in the Star Wars campaign and wanted to do something new, so we're doing some swashbuckling with Sails Full of Stars. drivethrurpg.com/product/15002

@Miru @BenGoldman One retcon I came up with was that the “adamantium” in +5 weapons is steel that gets its carbon from powdered diamond— with some of the magical qualities of diamond being conferred on the steel.

@Miru @BenGoldman And there ought to be so many other types of consumables— enchanted soaps, concrete additives. ANCIENT INVENTIONS is a great book for coming up with ideas: amazon.com/Ancient-Inventions-

@Miru Seducing the opposition in an RPG is almost always more entertaining than defeating it in battle, and gives the GM more followup options.

@Miru @ossifog One of the emperor’s henchmen was a young dragon who was in charge of the treasury. And they noticed lots of gold was exiting circulation and being replaced by paper money, and the dragon’s social status among dragons was rising (which is an indicator of a growing hoard in that universe)...

@ossifog @Miru The aggressively expansionist policies were to spread his enlightened rule and competent public policy administration!

@ossifog @Miru Enlightened evil is the most fun to run! He engaged in the ruthless pursuit of power, but recognized that he would consolidate power better if he was beloved by the masses.

@Miru One of my favorites was an evil NPC I ran who showed up to defend one of the PCs when said PC was being hunted; he was clearly in it for the challenge. He was absolutely loyal to the PCs, so they handed him all their captured dark artifacts. He eventually became emperor, and instructed the secret police to aid the party. He took good care of the commonfolk— he was only ruthless to the nobility...

@Miru Yes. Also, if NPCs default to bi/pan, that means they can flirt with any of the player characters no matter what, so that opens more story options.

A vampire, demon, or other supernatural creature that can pass for human is stunned by a car crash long enough to be marked as dead and their organs harvested. Recipients of organs (or even bone marrow) may discover interesting complications. (“I must drink heavily to keep my demonic liver in check!”) The original creature might even recover and have a connection, or a whole party could be recipients from one creature.

The player characters are mundane people in the modern world who are contacted by parallel-universe versions of themselves who are heroes of science, magic, wuxia, and espionage. All the versions of heroes that anyone can find are being collected together to fight the Big Bad... who is not defeated, and manages to kill off all the heavy hitters. The player characters (at the edge) survive, and must impersonate their alternates, learn to be heroes, and save the multiverse!

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