@JasonT That would be quite interesting! I had some fun working on a Fate character for a prospective Weird West game whose High Concept was โ€œTarot Card Sharpโ€. Wound up creating this spreadsheet looking at Tarot cards as aspects: docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d

@JasonT โ€œCharacter knows more about this topic than playerโ€ and โ€œcharacter is smarter than playerโ€ are interesting challenges in TTRPGs. If someone put character building effort into such traits, itโ€™s good to find ways to support telling that story.

@JasonT There was a lovely, inexpensive Virtue in Ars Magica called Common Sense. If you spent a Virtue point on it, it meant the GM would warn you about obvious consequences of actions you might find detrimental. So if you wanted to just have some fun in the game and not worry about stepping on rakes, you could take that Virtue.

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@Canageek The "divination spells are a mark of mastery because you need ten spells in that college" is an amusing side effect.

This article begins a series on respectful religious representation in games and fiction. First, let's learn to identify common misconceptions and pitfalls which marginalize traditions outside the colonial mainstream. The default doesn't have to define us.

If you donโ€™t have enough over the top epic fantasy movies to watch, hereโ€™s a an awesome one from Tollywood: Baahubali netflix.com/title/80204118

A useful detail for people giving Norse names to their NPCs: a gender-neutral -bur suffix, instead of -son or -dรณttir. icelandreview.com/news/iceland

I was going to leave orcs out of my next high fantasy campaign setting, but this post persuaded me to include Hot Orcs. filibusterfrog.tumblr.com/post

@Canageek They're gonna ruin the day of a whole lot of aphids. There's an immense conflict taking place with bugs as the proxies, and we are only dimly aware of it...

@edheil It can be effective in pain management for the people who want relief from pain that regular analgesics canโ€™t do much for but donโ€™t want all the problems that come with opioids. Federal law makes it hard for scientists to study it, so sifting out solid data from the hype is very difficult.

@OpenTableGamesMN My GMing style is โ€œworldbuild until thereโ€™s conflict that draws the players inโ€. That leads me to everything from ecology to infrastructure.

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