The notion of a kintsugi skull occurred to me as a cool lich vibe so I googled for it and was not disappointed.

@juergen_hubert The puzzles need to be restored to full operation in order to appease the shade of the wizard so it will impart important information when you cast Speak With Dead.

The fantasy biomes at are exactly the sort of resource I like for worldbuilding.

@VestigialLung The premise of the world of Omphalos is “monsters all the way down”. Mountain ranges are sleeping dragons. Colossal serpents lie at the bottoms of rivers. Titanic beasts form the crustal plates of the planet. The Crimson Horde are a group of nomads who are very good at irritating the colossal landforms enough to get them to wake up and wreck civilized infrastructure to make it easy to raid. And there are many arguments about what lies beneath the titanic beasts...

@VestigialLung Washes away the illusion that you and other beings are separate. Getting to the pool is the hard part, of course, and the challenges along that path involve the death of the ego.

@JBMannon The result of a 1 or 20 being 1 time in 1944 would suggest a much bigger whoopee for it than a natural 1 or 20 in D&D.

to have a properly multilevel undercity you need distinct reasons for each layer i think

so like
- cthonic temples of a vanished civilization cut into the living rock beneath one of their cities
- that city passes out of habitation and memory, a middle civilization builds atop it
- nearby river changes course, flooding buries the low-lying parts of that city
- rebuilt with lots of hydraulic infrastructure
- canals and stream sewers of that city are vaulted over and the current city built on top

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@genesisoflegend Having a set of expected stats/skills/aspects for various sorts of people (smuggler, crime boss, labour organizer) would be good accompaniment to it. And an easy way to come up with names for NPCs (“this system was settled from X nation so X names are common”, or particular syllable selections).

@genesisoflegend As a GM, I find it most useful to know why rather than who; once the why is established (“there is a religious prohibition on alcohol here”) the who becomes clear (“there is an underground economy surrounding alcohol, with fights between cops, smugglers, and local distillers”).

@Jesseabe You might like Robert M. Place’s _The Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination_.

@Jesseabe I put an extremely abbreviated thing together for Fate one time when I had a prospect of playing a character who was a Tarot Card Sharp.

That led to worldbuilding where a goblin tribe works in the library where they satisfy their natural curiosity by reading in breadth, so they can easily help you find books on a given topic, and humans often electing hobgoblin mayors, even when hobgoblins are a minority, because if a hobgoblin assimilates to democracy and the rule of law, they are *fiercely devoted* to it.

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I was reading a Pathfinder sourcebook and they had a sidebar on “the nature of goblinoid evil” and I thought “what if I assume that’s _propaganda_ and goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears are more complex?”

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Inherent evil is narratively boring. It’s much more interesting to make other sapient species that have wildly different traits that make it challenging to get along with them, but players can have the fun of being clever by coming up with ways to do so.

Looks like Greek roots are in order, so I’ll go with “eidolonite”.

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I should reread Parageology and come up with a name for sedimentary rock created through spirit action...

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Another is that “turn this compacted sediment into sedimentary rock” is a straightforward physical service for earth spirits, and shamans in the Ork Underground often do that to make the tunnels and chambers more secure.

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One possibility is that bracing materials to hold up the roof are valuable trade goods in the Ork Underground, and there are orkish experts (trained in a tradition started by goblinized geology professors) who occasionally get extracted when someone needs a tunnel building expert.

@gallowglas It starts with the Seattle Underground and gets vastly expanded. Which invites the question: what is going on that makes that expansion possible without having buildings from the surface falling in all the time?

Has anyone ever found a rant on the geology of the Ork Underground? I’m looking into the geology of Seattle and it looks like there’s a lot of clay and sediment...

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