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Supernatural PCs are on the very weak end of the power curve. Vampire PCs who can, at best, mesmerize drunks and small children, but can match blood samples much faster than a crime lab. Werewolf PCs who have human roommates who do the paperwork for having a wolf hybrid and aren’t even embarrassed to wear a collar, but can track by scent. Failed wizard apprentices who couldn’t muster the concentration and memorization to become a magus.

Sample plotlines:
β€’ An ancient vampire lord came out of hibernation and is trying to get up to date. He was very pleased to have mastered email, but his ghouls weren't that clued-in and he fell for a 419 scam. He needs to know how to trace this scammer and send minions.
β€’ The haunted house needs wired Ethernet. With arcane sigils to protect the cables.
β€’ Local werewolves want furry parties nearby to create fake sightings.
β€’ The wizard's sanctum needs gremlins banished from the router. urban fantasy game where the player characters are talented mundanes and extremely wimpy supernaturals. They run an Internet startup that bills itself as a LARP/ARG site, with a supernatural spin on all the top headlines of the day (it’s The Onion as far as vampires, werewolves, etc. are concerned). For historical reasons, they are also the ISP for local supernaturals. (It all started with a bulletin board system back in the 1980s.)

Humans, of course, can cause cognitive dissonance among aliens just like the aliens do among humans. A loud Hawaiian shirt tend to freak out predator species that rely on stealth and camouflage, for instance. Rigid endoskeletons are icky to tentacled beings with hydrostatic skeletons.

Just as there as Assholes Who Don't Get It among humans, there are Assholes Who Don't Get It among the galactics. They're the antagonists. They mostly don't engage in exponential expansion, but they have terrible habits like denying the free will of other intelligent species: eating them, puppeting them, enslaving them. Because eating cloned tissue and puppeting shells and being served by subsentient AIs just isn't the same as the good old days when a byakhee was a real byakhee.

All the best stuff is preadapted for other species, and it's up to humanity to figure out ways to adapt things that have been through millions of years of evolutionary design, based on fundamental principles that people are still trying to figure out. As humanity figures it out, the human-designed stuff works well for humans (as well as human engineering and QA can make it), but is much less effective than the standard galactic designs.

Post Scarcity Cthulhu: the post-scarcity galactic civilization is happy to share their technology with us. And it’s very, very alien, mostly organic.

e.g.: You can access the Galactic Information Network, but the implant most compatible with humans looks like a giant scarab beetle that covers the top of your head (it replaces the top of your skull). Exposure to alien thoughtforms makes you somewhere from openly weird to a raving loony.

There are numerous eras and historical figures you can use for character ideas: Roland, Joan of Arc, Ashoka, Annie Oakley, Alexander the Great, Sindbad... be sure to pick up the books for ideas!

To Vanquish Aku: each PC is the world champion of a different era (anything from ancient Egypt to the 20th century), Samurai Jack style. Each one was kicked into the far future by Aku and remembers Aku arriving in their parents’ generation. They find each other in the Aku-dominated world and team up to finally take down the big bad.

In Samurai Jack, Odin, Ra, and Vishnu appeared as the monks who created his sword, but each PC could varyβ€” e.g.: Sekhmet, Athena, and Freya.

Replaced β€œFlashy” with β€œSavvy” in Fate Accelerated’s Approaches and the one to use for so many rolls is clearer now.

With going around again: I’ve been gaming since the days of the D&D Basic Set and am currently heavily into the variants of the Fate RPG. I’m most of the way through a Star Wars campaign (, have done Shadowrun (, Feng Shui, and Ars Magica, and am currently brewing up a Fate Accelerated take on Shadowrun. My main account is @mithriltabby.

β€œDoes the demi-lich *know* he’s part of a bong now?”
β€œDude, he gets cranky if you don’t light him up with some premium herb every full moon.”

(inspired by Sam Sykes on

Converting to got a lot smoother once I saw the Pathfinder conversion and tried using instead. encourages ditching all the bonuses and dice pools and focusing on narrative permissions. is great inspiration!

Tonight, our group of Jedi knights need to stop Sith saboteurs from turning the world-city of Alsakan into a radioactive hellhole.

Star Wars:
Player, musician character: So what kind of music to these renegade droids play?
Me, GM, improvising hastily: They lack a pulsing fluid pump and have an innate sense of mathematics, so the music is very different. For example, they have pieces where the time signature is 2/4, 3/4, 5/4, 8/4, 13/4, etc. where the longer measures echo patterns in the shorter ones. Organics have to cultivate an appreciation for it.
Player: A challenge!

Time to restart my dormant Star Wars campaign (interrupted by multiple sources of chaos last year). The setting is a thousand generations before the films, the player characters are the founders of the Jedi, and they're currently dealing with growing the brand-new Galactic Republic in opposition to an evil Empire.

You want to get rid of murderhobos?

Give your PCs enduring connections to the community -- family, friends, professional acquaintances, organizations, and so on -- and then don't destroy them for cheap drama.


And of course there are all the personal-scale plots that can go on in any space opera setting. could be a good system, though the setting would need meddling.

Various big space opera plots:
β€’ A stellar stream cut off from the galaxy for aeons reconnects, and it contains a multi-system civilization. An expansionist empire is one kind of problem; a peaceful civilization that has different rules is another one.
β€’ A rebel group is rescuing populations from a world whose dominant faction is expansionist and hiding them and copied biomes in a Type II system.
β€’ An intelligent civilization on a water world will never get to space. Contact them anyway?

This means that the 4X narrative is very different in that universe: galactic consensus is that you live within your means, and any colonists have to be very stealthy. No expansionist, colonialist interstellar empires! Trade is all between and within the well-known civilized systems, unless you’re a rebel.

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