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Since my brain doesn’t want to let go of the notion of building a world based on Dungeon Meshi metaphysics, I figured β€œhey, let’s break some of the usual eurocentric tropes as long as we’re here.” So in place of elves, I have the xylic, who are much more like the sylvari of Guild Wars 2; in place of gnomes, I have a species that evolved from something like the kakapo parrot.

Fatbergs are one of the most horrifying urban elementals. Few can summon them and keep hold of their sanity.

I'm running a historical space fantasy on Friday nights and prepping a Shadowrun campaign so OF COURSE my brain wants to come up with a high fantasy setting based on the Dungeon Meshi manga.

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If you ever think you have poor judgement, please remember that the 1908 editor of Puck magazine thought this image was a sick burn against suffragettes.

A lot of gamers are going to MeWe as part of the exodus from G+. My profile there is .

My players were happy with a stopping point in the Star Wars campaign and wanted to do something new, so we're doing some swashbuckling with Sails Full of Stars.

A vampire, demon, or other supernatural creature that can pass for human is stunned by a car crash long enough to be marked as dead and their organs harvested. Recipients of organs (or even bone marrow) may discover interesting complications. (β€œI must drink heavily to keep my demonic liver in check!”) The original creature might even recover and have a connection, or a whole party could be recipients from one creature.

The player characters are mundane people in the modern world who are contacted by parallel-universe versions of themselves who are heroes of science, magic, wuxia, and espionage. All the versions of heroes that anyone can find are being collected together to fight the Big Bad... who is not defeated, and manages to kill off all the heavy hitters. The player characters (at the edge) survive, and must impersonate their alternates, learn to be heroes, and save the multiverse!

Microchimerism results when stem cells from a fetus cross into the mother’s bloodstream and differentiate into other cell types in various tissues. A mundane mother who carried the child of a supernatural being with regenerative powers could live normally for decades... until a course of chemotherapy took out enough of natural cells that the child’s cells started filling in. Suddenly you have a middle-aged or elderly mother developing powers...

which believes that humans will thrive best when provided an obvious evil to unite against. It will shut itself down if persuaded that humans will not break down into squabbling and oppressing each other without an external threat that makes them set aside their differences.

Superheroic player characters fight against a variety of campy villains (who perform spectacular crimes with very little collateral damage) who turn out to all be sponsored by the same secret organization. When said villains are not opposed, they create dictatorial regimes staffed by robotic minions who are good at oppression (forced labor, curfew, etc.) but don’t go in for spite, torture, or starvation. The mastermind turns out to be a β€œbenevolent” artificial intelligence,

If you meet the Buddha on the road, you are not supposed to kill him for his treasure and XP. #DeptOfZenCorrections

For a biotech world: Prototype Mark I Cat Girl. Instead of the usual β€œsexy cat girl” clichΓ©, has every Odious Personal Habit of feline behavior: sharpening finger-claws on available surfaces, biting claw sheaths off her toes and spitting them out, horking up hairballs and immediately blotting the memory of doing so from her mind, becoming easily bored and getting into trouble, ears and tail make her a terrible liar. Superb combat reflexes, excellent hearing and balance.

Supernatural PCs are on the very weak end of the power curve. Vampire PCs who can, at best, mesmerize drunks and small children, but can match blood samples much faster than a crime lab. Werewolf PCs who have human roommates who do the paperwork for having a wolf hybrid and aren’t even embarrassed to wear a collar, but can track by scent. Failed wizard apprentices who couldn’t muster the concentration and memorization to become a magus.

Sample plotlines:
β€’ An ancient vampire lord came out of hibernation and is trying to get up to date. He was very pleased to have mastered email, but his ghouls weren't that clued-in and he fell for a 419 scam. He needs to know how to trace this scammer and send minions.
β€’ The haunted house needs wired Ethernet. With arcane sigils to protect the cables.
β€’ Local werewolves want furry parties nearby to create fake sightings.
β€’ The wizard's sanctum needs gremlins banished from the router. urban fantasy game where the player characters are talented mundanes and extremely wimpy supernaturals. They run an Internet startup that bills itself as a LARP/ARG site, with a supernatural spin on all the top headlines of the day (it’s The Onion as far as vampires, werewolves, etc. are concerned). For historical reasons, they are also the ISP for local supernaturals. (It all started with a bulletin board system back in the 1980s.)

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