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In Samurai Jack, Odin, Ra, and Vishnu appeared as the monks who created his sword, but each PC could vary— e.g.: Sekhmet, Athena, and Freya.

There are numerous eras and historical figures you can use for character ideas: Roland, Joan of Arc, Ashoka, Annie Oakley, Alexander the Great, Sindbad... be sure to pick up the books for ideas!

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To Vanquish Aku: each PC is the world champion of a different era (anything from ancient Egypt to the 20th century), Samurai Jack style. Each one was kicked into the far future by Aku and remembers Aku arriving in their parents’ generation. They find each other in the Aku-dominated world and team up to finally take down the big bad.

And of course there are all the personal-scale plots that can go on in any space opera setting. could be a good system, though the setting would need meddling.

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Various big space opera plots:
• A stellar stream cut off from the galaxy for aeons reconnects, and it contains a multi-system civilization. An expansionist empire is one kind of problem; a peaceful civilization that has different rules is another one.
• A rebel group is rescuing populations from a world whose dominant faction is expansionist and hiding them and copied biomes in a Type II system.
• An intelligent civilization on a water world will never get to space. Contact them anyway?

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This means that the 4X narrative is very different in that universe: galactic consensus is that you live within your means, and any colonists have to be very stealthy. No expansionist, colonialist interstellar empires! Trade is all between and within the well-known civilized systems, unless you’re a rebel.

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A civilized species uses one star at a time. Some like things quiet and aesthetic with very few visitors, maybe they go full Kardashev Type II and invite everybody to come build a habitat and back up the biomes from their homeworlds there.

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Pondering a space opera setting that addresses why we aren’t already a satrapy for aliens:

The galactic standard proof of being a civilized species is sending out self-replicating killbots that wipe out any civilization that attempts to colonize another solar system. If a colony ship leaves your solar system first, you’re toast. If your killbots do, you’re welcomed to galactic civilization.

With the reset, it’s introduction time again. I’m Max Kaehn. I’ve been running TTRPGs for thirty years; you may find my escaped gaming memes of interest:

These days I run Fate, often borrowing mechanics from Blades in the Dark. I’m currently working on a Shadowrun conversion with a storyline along the lines of In Which We Live and Breathe:

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