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Just saying, a good way to kick off 2018 would be to buy and play some of my games:

Heads up: I'm running a 75% off sale on December 15 for all my RPGs - the sale runs midnight to midnight on and 9am CST 12/15-16 on DriveThruRPG. Grab some stuff and have a happy holiday season!

By the way, I'm also going to try out having a pre-stream audio warm-up, so the feed is actually going live around 8pm - come hang out in the chat before the game starts if you like.

Vagrant Story stream resumes tonight at 8:30pm Eastern - there is guaranteed to be at least one dragon!

Come watch and chat with me while I play Vagrant Story tonight starting at 8:30pm Eastern:

I have no nostalgia for The Forge. Even now, years after it closed, its former members still feel like a closed community speaking a secret language they refuse to explain, when not condescending to everyone outside.

Vagrant Story stream resumes in about two hours at - will I finally beat that darn dragon? Tune in to find out!

Hey, I could really use some sales right now to get my car fixed! My DTRPG store ( or are the places to go to grab my stuff, if you're so inclined.

Free tonight around 8:30pm Eastern? Want to watch Vagrant Story streamed? I gotcha covered.

Looks like I won't be at Metatopia this year after all. A huge bummer, but unavoidable.

It's tough trying to design a game that is both very sci-fi and also cosmic horror, because on the one hand there's the urge to put in skills and tech and weapons etc. while at the same time hammering home "these things will not help you at all" throughout the game.

Okay, I at least have working documents for all three Metatopia games, so I can spend the next couple of days on supplemental props and aids for facilitating the sessions. That's a load off my shoulders.

FYI: Due to a scheduling hiccup, A Silence in Heaven is actually from 2-4pm on Saturday. All other times are the same.

Vagrant Story streaming on my channel at 8:30pm Eastern tonight - come chat with me!

In about two hours, (fingers crossed), Vagrant Story begins on my channel! for old-school Square RPG action.

I'm going to play the cult classic Vagrant Story on Twitch starting 8:30pm EST this Thursday:

Metatopia sessions scheduled! As of right now, Skald is at 8-10pm Friday (designers only), A Silence in Heaven is happening from 3-5pm Saturday, and Aphelion is from 10-midnight Saturday (18+ only). Mark your calendars!

Hey, as a reminder, I've made "community copies" of some of my games available for free on - if you want one of my games, but can't pay for it, see if there's a free one in the bank. And if you DO buy one of my games, that adds another freebie for someone.

Until further notice, my games are no longer available at DriveThruRPG. Please feel free to continue to patronize my storefront at in the meantime.

Streaming online starting at 8pm EST tonight. Come watch.

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