All my plans for Golden Cobra larps seem to slowly morph into tabletop RPGs. They're interesting ideas for games, but none of them are larps.

Cool session of Sig last night that really felt Planescape-y, partly because the PCs finally went to other planes of existence. And fought some dragon men, sailed a skyboat into an oblivion hole, tricked a god, brainscanned a dragon and joined an interplanar underground railroad.

The Golden Cobra challenge has begun. Maybe you should also create a new live action roleplaying game?

I'm glad that someone else made a hack of Lasers and Feelings using Tarot cards instead of dice, about turn of the century occultists, so that I don't have to.

What we know so far is that Iagonth, the dragon, had a middle management position in the city's government and was stealing paperclips as part of a religious ritual to his god of destruction. The PCs want to stop that, because the paperclips hold the universe together.

In the next session of our Planescape-ish campaign, the PCs are supposed to face a dragon. That seems boringly straightforward for the weird, interplanar fantasy that is Sig.

So maybe you, denizens of the internet, have some ideas or unexpected twists to throw into the situation?

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The kiddo was sitting, picking at the grass as I was reading to him from our current book.
"Daddy, it's easier to find dog poop in the grass than a four leaf clover."
that's kind of a metaphor for things right now, isn't it."

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D&D is a particular system (336 words) Show more

Sig tonight: the PCs are hired to find out why the city government is using so many paperclips.

After investigation, they learn that paperclips literally hold the world together: the city government enchants each with planar magic to keep the city from tearing itself apart.

Solon said to call no man happy until he is dead. But recent re-evaluations of historical persons show that death is still too soon to decide if they were a decent human being or not.

Did you ever think to yourself "what I really need for this project is 11,710 photos of weird looking gas stations and roadside attractions"? Of course you have. We all have.

Luckily for you, John Margolies and the Library of Congress has you covered.

I've been saying for years that the indie RPG Ganakagok was the right system for playing The Dark Crystal. Both are stories about a massive impending change, and how that looming event forces a small group of people onto an epic quest, while most of the world fights back against them and the oncoming change.

The new TV show only reinforces my belief in this.

So anyway, here is a variant deck I made for playing The Dark Crystal via Ganakagok:

Randonauts would make a great NPC or PC group for your next game of Over the Edge, Unknown Armies or other modern day weirdness games. The have a clear reason to show up anywhere and get into trouble, and they have some entertaining metaphysical beliefs.

I'm spending a lot of time thinking about how to take a game by Jason Morningstar and remove the scifi genre elements and instead make it a historical game about life during the Great Depression.

That seems backward, somehow. Like the opposite of the way things normally go.

Of course, Mickey Mouse himself was an unlicensed derivative of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks created Oswald, then lost the rights to the character. So they shortened the ears and renamed him Mickey, but otherwise Mickey is just a copy of Oswald.

So Tuffolino is a copy of a copy of a copy. An ongoing chain of copyright violations.

Now, why is Mickey called Topolino and not, say "Mickey"? Because when the publishers first started publishing, they couldn't get a license for Mickey Mouse. So they "made" a "new" character named Topo Lino ("mouse Lino").

Mouse Lino was interchangeable enough with Mickey that when they _did_ get the license, they just kept calling Mickey Topolino and acted like they had been the same character the whole time.

During WWII, Italian comics books weren't able to reprint Mickey Mouse comics. So Italian publishers came up with a "new" character named Tuffolino (Mickey is known in Italian comics as Topolino) to replace Mickey.

They'd just take American comics and redraw them frame by frame.

You can tell a lot about a comic book fan based on what they think the Watchmen character Rorschach. Some think he's a cool vigilante, others think he's a dangerous lunatic.

It's like he's a test that psychologists would use to study your thoughts...

Wait. I get it now.

Fictionally, it's like if you mashed up "The King of Elfland's Daughter" into "The Big Sleep".

Mechanically, it's like if you mashed together Swords Without Master, For the Queen, Cthulhu Dark and the board game Power Grid into a solo RPG.

Here's the complete (?) version of Fairyland Confidential, a single player RPG about fairy mythology and film noir detective work.

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