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Played a 2 player game of Rusalka, my tragic game of undead mermaid fairy tales. It turned out to be weirdly heartwarming. Sure, it turned out that my PC had been a murderer who got her sister wrongly convicted for a murder she committed. But a lot of people wound up with happy endings. And in the end my sister saw my regret for my actions, forgave my misdeeds and helped me kill the corrupt judge that had been blackmailing me. It's not often that people get what they want in this game.

Finally got a chance to play Jonathan Walton's game Restless. I don't usually enjoy post apocalyptic stories or zombie stories, but I did think the way the game structures the narrative is very interesting.

Was weirdly anxious before running my playtest game for the con crowd, but the game went pretty well. Tragic fairy tales for everyone.

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Complicated mechanics do not by default a fun trpg make.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk.

First day of the convention mostly consisted of napping in my hotel room. I'm okay with that.

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Friend: “what’s your favorite sorting algorithm?”
Me: “Hungarian folk dance.”
Friend: “um...”

(Yes this video is old, but it’s a classic don’t @ me)

On a long enough timeline, all jobs are temp jobs.

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There are characters hiding in the novels we read. They are ones the authors didn’t believe in, or were scared of somehow, and they are hiding for this reason. But I Know How To Free Them .
No minimum price. Get it here:

Then we passed briefly through the small town where I grew up, where I haven't been for 15+ years.

The familiar sights gave me such a strong feeling of anti-nostalgia that I was nearly physically ill.

Or maybe it was car sickness.

Spent a nice day exploring Old Man's Cave, looking for some Veni Yan Cari to help fight the Rat Creatures.

So this morning at 6 in the morning I'm waiting for the bus, catching up on Gerard Way's new Doom Patrol comics. And a kid who is maybe 10 or 11 comes up to me and says "I have comics in my backpack. You can have one."

I at first refuse, but he insists. Eventually, I accept his offer. So he reaches into his backpack and gives me X-Men number 154, from 1982. I'm still confused and only half awake. I say thank you, and he's gone before I can really wrap my head around what just happened.

From 1928 until 1948, there was an Olympic event for town planning.

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Betrayal was never about carefully tuned rules: sometimes the game swung wildly one way or the other. But it was enjoyable because the theme and fiction were the drivers of the game (and mechanics were secondary). So Betrayal Legacy gives you more theme and story elements, without so many new mechanics.

Instead, each new scenario in Betrayal Legacy has new rules, but they tend to be confined to the haunt and then discarded, just like in regular Betrayal.

I think this has to do with the focus of the two base games. Pandemic is a game about a carefully tuned rules-based set of decisions, so the new material to feed you are new difficult decisions created by new rules complications.

Betrayal Legacy is a very different sort of game than Pandemic Legacy.

In Pandemic Legacy, there were new rules added every couple times you played. So the game slowly grew more complicated, each new rule adding interesting wrinkles to gameplay.

Betrayal Legacy doesn't really do that much. There are a few new rules added as you play, but nothing fundamental. Most of the legacy elements come in the form of new narrative elements: new event and item cards and changes to existing ones.

"Avengers Endgame has the first open LGBT character in the MCU" is just their way of saying "Agents of SHIELD and Daredevil don't really count as part of the MCU".

In Betrayal Legacy, every time a character dies in a room, you add a little ghost sticker to the board in the location where they died.After finishing playing the campaign, we had extra ghost stickers left over.

Because of a friend's toddler, there is now a sticker on the floor of our dining room.

So I guess that means our dining room is haunted, then.

New plan:

Step 1: Replace character lifepaths in Traveller/Cyberpunk/any other RPG with these:

Step 2: There is no step 2.

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