My wife and daughters are at scout camp, leaving me home alone for the weekend. Sounds like the perfect time to playtest my weird film noir faerie solo rpg.

Someday I will be old enough that people on college campuses stop mistaking me for an undergraduate. 40 years old is apparently not old enough, though.

Finally got my solo rpg project into a playtestable state and got an evening free to try it out. The mechanics are very random, and a little too complex. But the story mostly worked (even if my character failed at their goals).

Now I have to decide if I should accept the complex mechanics, try to simplify or just scrap the thing. Not sure I can remove much without the game losing something important, but I'm not sure the number of interesting choices justify the number of rules.

Over time I'm becoming less and less convinced by the "share with others" part of the equation, though.

“I think that the average designer of a tabletop game in the current market is someone who cannot not design games. They are people who are driven by their ideas and creativity, and they just can’t help themselves."

Yep, this is me.

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This would have been very useful to me a couple years ago when I was running a heist campaign that largely consisted of breaking into rich dude's mansions.

I've decided to put all my Pay-What-You-Want titles on DriveThruRPG on sale. For the rest of the month, they're all now Pay-Half-Of-What-You-Want.

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Chemical elements named after things you can kill in D&D:

Debatable, depending on identifying one deity with another:

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So I used a Lasers and Feelings "kids on bikes" hack to run a sort of Hilda-meets-Courtney-Crumrin thing with my kids. It was great.

Scary things in The Terror TV series, from not at all frightening to truly horrific:

-The monster
-The British Empire
-The frozen wastes of the Arctic
-19th century medicine
-Tin cans

I really want the plural of "Spider-Man" to be "Spiders-Man" like "Attorneys General". But it clearly isn't... except in the case of Peter Porker AKA Spider-Ham, where it _is_ the correct pluralization.

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I'm writing a game of that is a mashup of Raymond Chandler and Lord Dunsany. This is clearly a bad idea, since the thing I find appealing about those authors are the poetic quality of their writing, which isn't a thing a game can easily capture. But still, I'm writing it, because my brain won't drop it until there is a game there.

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It bothers me intensely that economics views choosing moral value over financial value as the preferred return for an exchange as irrational, while choosing financial value over moral value for the exchange is considered rational.That this is a foundational assertion of capitalism speaks to the deeply flawed nature of the system. How can you justify capitalism when it flatly says that you should always choose monetary profit over providing assistance to others with no financial advantage gained?

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"SMART (surveillance marketed as revolutionary technology)"

That's a great acronym!

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Socialism is the only time folks get mad about the possibility of their lives getting better🙄

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Ooh, this is neat.

Opens up a hundred tabs on various websites designed to make advertisers think that you're filthy rich, or a crazy doomsday prepper, or some kind of influencer.

Blocking tracking data is sooo 2018. Corrupting tracking data is even better. :D

So the movie makes Lovecraft into the villain of his own story. Which seems like the only sane way to adapt a Lovecraft story.

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