Here's a little hack I made of the (brilliant) game Archipelago, that turns the game into a surreal interdimensional road trip, and how your friendships change and deepen while on the road.

If you're in the need of a science fiction-y doomsday device, might I recommend strange matter? It's an exotic form of matter theorized to exist at the heart of neutron stars. And it might have the capability of transforming all normal matter it comes into contact with into more strange matter. So even a strangelet the size of an atomic nuclei could eventually consume an entire planet, solar system, galaxy, etc.

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i literally don’t care who you are or what your music is if you play music through speakers, phone or otherwise, in a public space i fucking hate you it’s so goddamn inconsiderate and selfish and i hate it hate it hate it it makes me viscerally angry i have no idea how people think it’s ok like what the fuck it’s not okay holy shit

The conclusion of the Actual Play of the sad undead Slavic mermaid fairy tale game that I made:

The host of the Bored Ghost podcast has played Rusalka more than I have at this point.

Designing an epistolary RPG is a lot like designing a solo rpg, but for two or more players.

Scholars find a 16th century volume summarizing the contents of the largest library in the world, including large numbers of volumes now lost except for these summaries.

Obviously, this makes me want to make a Jorge Luis Borges inspired epistolary RPG where you are scholars writing these lost works, from the summaries... or maybe you're creating your own scholarly summaries for books that never existed? Something like that.

For work, I'm supposed to write an email to a person who won a Target gift card in our survey raffle.

If their email spam filter does it work properly at all, I don't think there's any way he'll ever see this email. It sounds too much like a spam message, no matter how I write it.

But still, I have to write it.

"Meeples Together" is yet another great book from Gameplaywright, full of interesting ideas and analysis and careful thought about games.

I only have two quibbles with it: First, the authors have a habit of quoting dictionaries as authoritative sources (a pet peeve of mine.)

Second, every three or four pages of reading, I'm struck by another idea for a game and I have to go make notes about that. Which takes time, meaning it will take me forever to finish this book.

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Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.


3 most recent RPGs:
* Dungeons and Dragons (5th edition, 4th edition, and a weird mixture of the two)
* Space Without Master hack
* The Skeletons

3 favorite RPGs, ever:
* Psi-Run
* Over the Edge
* Rusalka

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
* Lovecraftesque
* Vermin Gods
* Sign in Stranger

[Bonus round] 3 most want-to-play again RPGs:
* Unknown Armies
* Sig: The City Between / Manual of the Primes
* Death Takes a Holiday

The Bored Ghost podcast played my (still unfinished) game Rusalka again and just released the first part of their Actual Play recording.

I continue to be pleased with the perfect little sad fairy tales the game reliably generates, and by the quality work done by the players and podcast producers.

It's been like 30 years since I played "Where int he World is Carmen Sandiego?" on the Sega Master System.

But I still get pissed off whenever I think about Scandinavian flags.

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Fellow game designers, please gather for , an analog map-games jam hosted on 🗺

Somehow, throwing a giant cybernetic snake monster at the PCs turned out sci-fi action game into Project Runway in Space.

According to ISO 8601, the proper format for dates is YYYY-MM-DD.

So, unfortunately, Pi Day won't happen until 1,122 years from now.

Sudden realization: that game I made (where I like the fiction but not the mechanics) could probably pair with that other game I made (where I like the mechanics but not the fiction) to make a new game (where I like both).

So let me get this straight:

He is an expert in all wilderness related skills.
He talks to animals.
He is amazing skilled with ranged weapons.
He performs acts of dexterity impossible for normal people.
Instead of dying, he travels into the western lands to live forever and never again be seen by human eyes.

Ladies, gentleman and nonbinaries of the jury, I submit to you that Pecos Bill was an elf.

Next time you need an ancient vanished civilization that sank into the sea, instead of using tired old Atlantis or Lemuria, please consider the (very real) Doggerland, an inhabited chunk of Europe about as big as Britain that sank into the sea for somewhat mysterious reasons, about 8000 years ago.

Or, if you're making an alternate history, consider a history of Europe where Doggerland never sank into the sea, thereby changing the historical balance of power in Europe.

Cyber//Punk is a one page RPG, a Lasers & Feelings hack for cyberpunk games, with the two opposed stats being cyber (technology, rationality) and Punk (intuition and recklessness).

I'm just glad someone made this game, so that I don't have to.

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♲ Whenever I speak with anyone new to a medium and insecure about their work, I think about this passage from David Byrne's "How Music Works," about how capitalism devalues amateur expression to encourage consumption.…
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