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By way of I am a hobbyist game designer who makes a lot of small weird fun games. These are generally indie or story game type things, often GMless, very focused on a specific premise, and available free or Pay What You Want on some combination of my website, or DrivethruRPG.

By profession, I'm a law librarian. Outside of roleplaying game stuff, I don't usually post much about my life. I enjoy cooking, baking, board games, video games, scifi and fantasy books, etc.

There are FOUR DAYS left to add your own game to the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds!

@nickwedig something I have directly lifted from Swords Without Master for Trilogy is the line "there are no secrets between players in this game, though there may be secrets between characters." I think it works particularly well in improvisational games because it allows you to lean in harder.

Despite what you may have been told, metagaming in roleplaying games is good, actually.

It's how you create comedic and dramatic irony in a TTTRPG, and therefore an essential ingredient of telling a good story through the medium of games.

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Submitted two items to the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds. If you're a game creator (or any kind of creator on you can join too:

(They're using the game-jam format to organize these with

Today I learned:

Heartwarming kids movie My Neighbor Totoro was originally distributed in the US by Troma Films, best known for their low budget schlock horror-comedies like The Toxic Avenger and Class of Nukem High.

Then I also learned that Troma helped produce high falutin' intellectual art movie My Dinner With Andre, so maybe it's just that my mental image of Troma Films was all wrong.

Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.
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If you’re a game designer, developer, or other creator on itch who wants to get involved, once again, submit your work to the google form below:

You ever finish writing a game, look at it, and realize that, while it is a perfectly fine game that does interesting and engaging things, it's not one that you'd ever want to play or publish?

Happens to me a lot.

Call for submissions for a large cooperative bundle on itch, with all proceeds going to the National Network for Abortion Funds' Collective Power Fund, launching next week.

All info on the submission page (heads up, google forms):

"More specifically, I can’t find a blockchain application whose value has anything to do with the blockchain part, that wouldn’t be made safer, more secure, more reliable, and just plain better by removing the blockchain part."


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oh hey, I made this offer on birdhell, so I should make it here

if you show me a receipt for a donation to an abortion rights org or fund today, I'll hook you up with everything I've got on itch

(I went with myself, if you want a suggestion)

the goods:

For folks looking, you can search for local abortion funds here:

In the faint hope of making the EU do something useful, its citizens can sign the initiative for Universal Basic Income at

All you need to enter is your ID or passport number, your names, a captcha and a couple of attestation of honour tickboxes. Took less than a minute, including finding my ID card in my wallet.

Only a handful of countries have made the threshold, and some of us have really low targets.

Ends 25/06/2022

#EU #UBI #Europe #UniversalBasicIncome

A playable "video essay" about how the mechanics of platforming games work, how tweaking the variables can make a character feel different in play.

I think the ideas demonstrated are interesting, but so is the basic format: it's a videogame that teaches you about how videogames are made.

Yardwork is dumb. I never should have bought a house with a yard.

Any other constraint is debatable or negotiable. If you start making a one-page RPG but it gets too bloated? Then you can abandon the one-page limit and make it a bit longer. If a publisher hired you to write 2000 words of setting lore, you can try to convince them to change it to 3000... or make it a new game mechanic to reinforce the setting in a different way. (You'll probably fail, but you can try.)

But math is math. It's a constraint you can't modify, now matter how much you want it to.

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Which means you always have to design around this mathematical quirk. You have to make it so some player get more or fewer cards, or some cards aren't used every game, or 60 is a reasonable number of cards.

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Sometimes game design means being annoyed at how prime factorization works. Sometimes I want to be able to evenly distribute a number of cards between players. But player counts are variable. A set of 12 cards can be split between 2, 3, 4 or 6 players. But 5 players? You're fucked.

Any number you pick below 60 leaves things dividing unevenly at some player count.

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