So I'd conclude, based on my experience and the evidence, that system does matter, but that many people are playing games where the system doesn't do a good job at mattering.

I've done that twice. Once with D&D, and once with a story game.

In the case of D&D, everything outside of combat was freeform, and it didn't really change things. Because D&D does a shitty job actually providing tools for telling stories.

For the story game, the rulesless version was much less interesting and enjoyable, because the rules actually did some useful structuring of our storytelling.

"System doesn't matter" is a testable hypothesis. All you have to do is take a game and play it freeform, with the same fiction, with the same characters and the same players. This isolates the variable: if system doesn't matter, then removing the system won't change things any.

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DYING IN SPACE: written by @maenad and @signalstation with illustrations by @RAPIDPUNCHES

Available now! Two games in one zine! 3-2-1 LAUNCH!

I made a quick hack of my epistolary game for the Ad Astra Jam. In this version, you are writing letters to a loved one as they fall forever into a black hole but, because of time dilation, never actually reach it.

Dumb game design idea: Take all the heads off all the Lego people that you own, especially those with unusual facial expressions. Place them all in a bag. When you have to determine how NPCs react to the player characters, draw one from the bag. That is how the NPC feels.

Finally decided to release Rusałka, my GMless game of tragic fairy tales. It's probably the best game I've ever made, and now you can get it on DriveThruRPG or on

I made a game for the Correspondence Jam, a sad game about mourning the dead, Tarot card interpretation and set collection. It's available on itch and DriveThruRPG.

You can tell I am an adult, because I spent Halloween facing the thing I fear most in this world, and that was a leaking toilet.

That should be done about the right time to receive my second stage game in the Threeforged Jam ( ). No idea what that game will be, yet. Threeforged stages 2 and 3 will likely take up the rest of November and into December.

That's a lot of game jams, but it should work out fine.

My current plan for November is to finalize "Wish You Were Here", my epistolary rpg about Tarot cards and mourning the dead, then submit it to the Correspondence Jam ( ). Then make a hack of the same game, set on the event horizon of a black hole, and submit it to the Ad Astra Jam ( ).

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How to Use Flickr to Find Pictures You Can Use In Your Projects Show more

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You can now get Ultranormal Encounters, a weird game I worked on, on It's a story game that is possibly about alien abductions, but definitely about the inherent unreliability of human memory in the face of the preternatural.

It was previously (and is still) available from DriveThruRPG. But maybe this new platform will get you to check out a weird game where no one knows what "actually" happened.

Woke up at 3 AM and my brain wouldn't let me go back to sleep until I'd written down an outline for a weird roleplaying game that used some complicated bidding mechanics to play Scooby Doo.

I don't want to make or play this game, but my mind insisted I write it down.

Gulix translated my game Eccentric Millionaire into French. So if you have a bunch of francophone players who want to hunt for treasure around the world from the comfort of their own homes via Discord and Google Maps, now you can do that.

Final session of our Sig: Manual of the Primes campaign: the PCs negotiated with spiders, hired some actors, helped a gnome solve a mystery without learning the mystery, played hide and seek with a god, and a two foot tall lizard chicken took out a dragon in single combat.

Long Memory
a new trick for Swords Without Master

Before the Overplayer begins a new phase, you may demand the next phase be framed as a flashback, to events before the story began. Instead of the usual tones, the tones for this phase are Naive Optimism and Ominous Foreboding.

Gulix played Eccentric Millionaire, my game of online treasure hunting, and seemed to have a good time doing so.

(Article is in French, but automated translation software gets the gist of it.)

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CLOSED FOREVER by @signalstation is a mini-RPG about roadside attractions and failure in convenient brochure form.

You are: the owner of a roadside attraction in late-20th cen. USA. (Like a fiberglass dinosaur or something.)

You are: in over your head. But you have a plan.

Pay-what-you-want here:

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