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Would you be interested in playing Eccentric Millionaire, my weird Discord based text rpg/game of social deception and logical deduction about treasure hunting from your own home? We are starting a new game now. DM me and I can invite you to the server.

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Announcing The National
Emergency Library

The Internet Archive has temporarily suspended all waitlists, allowing you to immediately check out any of the 1.4 million books currently in our lending library. Until June 30th or the end of the US national emergency (whichever comes later), every borrowable book will be immediately accessible by anyone—creating, in effect, a National Emergency Library.

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This is a good time to remind everyone that Tom Nook isn't a raccoon; he's a tanuki. In Japanese myth tanuki are tricksters with illusion powers coming from their enormous magical testicles. They appear as shopkeepers to fool people and their testicles appear as their shop.

So that isn't Tom's shop you're in. It's his ballsack.

I just realized that I had already written a role-playing game that you can play with your friends while you are each trapped in your separate homes, where you get to explore the world through online maps, seeking mysterious buried treasure.

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I don't know how it took me this long to wonder this. But now I'm wondering if Captain Picard's "Tea. Earl grey. Hot" is in Star Trek as a direct repudiation of the starship being unable to make a cup of tea in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

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Those of us with children at home: Have you considered tabletop RPGs? There's a lot written for smaller children, to introduce them to the concept, moving from free-form fantasy with stuffed animals to structured storytelling. I'm not finding a handy hashtag, so:

No Thank You Evil is a great one to start with, as it introduces children to supers roleplaying in a kid-friendly environment with simple mechanics. It's meant to be run by a parent, but can be run by older children.

Last week, my job had a meeting to plan for the coronavirus. That plan was invalidated a day later.

So we had a new meeting, made a new plan. That plan was invalid an hour later.

So we have another meeting, make a new plan, that is invalidated while the meeting is still going.

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Free games (designed by me) that you can play by yourself. Some of these you can _also_ play with other people, and should work well online.

The 5 whys: a game about uncovering how a big failure happened, going backwards (think Memento)

FIRE: a game about a child escaping adults (think Ico and The Last Guardian).

Conspiracy: a conspiracy thriller game (think The Da Vinci Code).

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Is there anyone around here that could help me coming up with everyday things that antifascist groups have done against fascists? It's for an alternative set of prompts/ideas for my story game "Deeds, not Words", so I'm interested in physical feats, subterfuge/sabotage operations, and communication wins:

See the last page for the current prompts (which are for English suffragettes).

If those things really happened in reality, that's a plus! Feel free to boost.

Picked up a half dozen books at the library, on top of the 4 items I already have at home.

It's not that I'm book hoarding out of fear of the coronavirus. It's just that all my holds came in at the same time.

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If you're home from school/work and have some extra time on your hands, consider giving bread-making a try!

Why make your own bread?
- It's easier than you think
- You DON'T need a bread machine!
- Basic recipes are inexpensive ingredients, and use tools that you probably have
- It allows you/your household to be more self-sufficient
- Bread is delicious!

My go-to site is Breadworld. They have a lot of different recipes, including plenty of no-knead breads.

Question for science nerds:

If a nearby galaxy were entirely made of antimatter, how would we know?

My understanding is that antimatter interacts with antimatter in ways nearly identical to matter interacting with matter. And photons act the same to both.

So the antimatter galaxy would look and behave the same as a regular matter galaxy, right?

You might be able to see which it was if it interacted with another entity, but if the galaxy is far away from anything else, how would you tell?

The enmity between displacer beasts and blink dogs represents Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. Blink dogs have a known position, but their movement is unknown. Displacer beasts have an unknown position but their momentum is known. In this essay I will

Immersion always seemed to me like a bad goal in roleplaying games, because it is deeply internal and selfish. You're focusing in on your own personal fun that no one else can experience, when you could be focusing on making everyone else's game experience better.

In college I drank a lot of celery flavored soda, for whatever reason. Then I moved to PA and never could find it for sale. Until today, that is.

My wife thinks it is gross, but the kids don't think it is that bad.

In 1917, a medium claimed Mark Twain's ghost had dictated a new novel through a oujia board. So Samuel Clemens' estate sued for royalties. This put the medium in a bind: if the book was real, she owed them royalties. The only way to avoid paying was to admit the book was fake.

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I adore that Evil Hat made For the Queen CC-BY, and I also adore that there are already games made using this system:

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