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The fact that people consider water something to make money from should be sickening to everyone. And yet, selling water in disposable bottles made from petrochemicals is so normalised, most people don’t even think twice about it. It’s so wrong.

There are several bundles of games on DriveThruRPG that are raising money to help deal with the terrible fires across Australia. My game Rusałka is in the Fantasy Core Settings bundle, along with many others.

Buy some games, do some good in the world.

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@nickwedig Rusalka completed! We set up a spread of hearty brown bread, soft butter, local honey, pickled herring with onion & dill, and some juicy pears. Or theme decks were Tides, Sacrifice, and Moonlight. We were silver-haired Yezibaba, galaxies in her eyes, Bodashka the starved, and shark-toothed Khalida, with seaweed for hair.

I'm glad somebody else made a two page thinly disguised Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG where your stats are "Teenage" "Mutant" "Ninja" and "Critter", so that I don't have to.

My game Rusałka is in this bundle, but there are also many other cool games you should be interested in. And if you purchase the bundle, Josh can help make his classroom friendlier to students.

I am apparently recommended reading for this game jam. So that's pretty cool.

Plus, it sounds like a fun jam in general.

On the Myths and Legends podcast, they discuss the rumptifusel, which is AFAICT an example of convergent evolution with the D&D cloaker. A manta-ray like predator that lurks in the forest and is mistaken for a fur cloak, then attacks when worn.

I can't find any evidence that the D&D cloaker is based off of this folklore creature. They're just two weirdly specific fictional creatures that resemble each other greatly but seem to be unrelated otherwise.

I: The only Star Wars material now considered canon is the material owned and controlled by the Disney corporation.

II: The Muppets are owned and controlled by the Disney Corporation.

.: III: The episode of the Muppet Show where Chewbacca and C-3P0 sing and dance is canon.

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me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

I'm a weak old man who went home early to sleep in my bed, but others kept the fire going all night.

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I have released a 1-Page RPG, free for everyone to use this holiday season. It's called Happy Holidaze and it's about Santa having gotten drunk and lost, and you, as his elves, need to find him!

As is our tradition, tonight we are going to keep a fire burning, from sunset to sunrise, to remind the sun how to burn and to call it back to us.

As previously stated, I also am putting my game Rusałka half price to celebrate the solstice.

On the other hand, one of the previous designers of my round 3 game seems pretty happy with it. So maybe I'm being too negative about my collaboration.

In the arts district, across the river, there is a small and unassuming coffee shop. An ordinary-looking place, without ostentatious signage.

If you peer in through the dusty window, however, you will see an unusual array: almost all the patrons are supernaturals.

"The Queen of Cups" is a GMless, tarot-driven RPG created during Threeforged Jam by Jason Vanhee, Blake M. Stone, and myself, in which you play as baristas at a very supernatural coffee shop.

I don't know why but sometimes the bathrooms and stairwells in the law school library smell *very* strongly of cilantro. I would understand if it smelled like weed or cigarettes. But is someone sneaking huge amounts of cilantro and eating (smoking?) it in the stairwell in secret?

The moral of the story is that I'm not good at collaborating in this context, I think.

On the other hand, I had a lot of trouble interfacing with the games I was given in round 2 and 3. I was unable to finish in round 2 (sorry, unknown collaborator!). And though I do have a finished game for round 3, I don't think it matches the previous designer's vision.

This is very similar to my experience with the original ThreeForged challenge a few years ago. My first round game came out nicely, but I struggled in the later rounds and didn't see eye to eye with the other designers.

Got back the 3rd round version of the game I submitted for the first round of the ThreeForged Game Jam ( ). I really like the way the other two authors expanded on the game, and built to keep interested in the core of what the game is about.

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