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By way of I am a hobbyist game designer who makes a lot of small weird fun games. These are generally indie or story game type things, often GMless, very focused on a specific premise, and available free or Pay What You Want on some combination of my website, or DrivethruRPG.

By profession, I'm a law librarian. Outside of roleplaying game stuff, I don't usually post much about my life. I enjoy cooking, baking, board games, video games, scifi and fantasy books, etc.

Oh, so this game is going to be one of those "endlessly tweaking the character sheet while avoiding actually designing the game" kind of projects? I see how it is.

the katelynn's closet charity bundle is live!!! $10 for 44 items, mostly with a few video games and books in there too!! 100% of the proceeds after itch's share will go to an organization on cape cod that provides clothing to disadvantaged kids, and my employer will be 100% matching the final donation!!! this charity did a lot for me as a kid, so i'm really excited to be able to support them!!!!

I love this bundle project by @andromedamn. What an excellent way to take advantage of the company she works for matching charitable donations. And it's a great community charity that helped her family when she was a child. Check it out.
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It's time for Katelynn's Charity Bundle. They give clothing and supplies to disadvantaged children on Cape Cod

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US politics (Pennsylvania Senate race) 

It's weird how most the PA senate ads I see are like "Dr. Oz wants to kidnap and cruelly imprison innocent people for their entire lives for crimes they didn't commit. John Fetterman does not."

Mainly it's weird that those are the ads paid for by Dr. Oz.

Today's fun in the library: a two hour conspiracy theory filled rant from a patron about how mammograms are lethal, Michelle Obama is secretly a man and more weird beliefs.

Once the patron had left, we learned that he was a convicted arsonist.

So if the RPG of the day is Toon, it might start by Muscle, which is pretty hard, then Smarts, and if you haven't guessed it by the time it says Chutzpah, you're probably not getting it.

Project I don't have the programming skill or desire to complete: A Wordle-like game for RPGs. Every day, you try to guess the RPG, and you're given one attribute or stat from that game. Each time you guess wrong, it tells you another stat that exists in that game.

Or maybe the basis for a magic system in Unknown Armies or the weirder end of the fantasy genre, maybe.

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The ancient practice of telling the bees about marriages and deaths and other major life events would make a good framing device for a solo RPG.

Trying to figure out which TTRPG to play this weekend, and I've narrowed down the list to only 9 or so candidates.

The list of games I want to play at some point is 62 pages long, so this is significant progress.

I don’t believe RPG were born from wargames. They’re far more ancient, they’re their own evolution, descending from older rping forms. They latched on wargames, for a time like parasites, borrowing what they needed and not caring very much for their hosts.
Wargames supplied things that RPG, maybe, needed.

If you and a friend need a randomizer but don't have any dice on hand, you could always use finger dice.

New tool for writing RPG texts: if you can't explain your mechanic using only the ten hundred most common words in the English language, then maybe you should find a way to express it in simpler terms.

Adventure idea for your dungeon fantasy game: The local lord offers a bounty on owlbears/hydra/whatever. Some clever folk have begun breeding them, to kill them for the bounty. Now you have to stop the breeders AND convince the king to change his policy.

I was *very* surprised to hear my game The Mystery Creature of Claytonsville, PA talked about on the Ludonarrative Dissidents podcast episode about card mechanics in RPGs.

It's probably worth your time to listen to it even without my game being mentioned.

I was going to write a short thread about lessons from Masahiro Sakurai's YouTube channel about action video games, and how they could apply to analog narrative games.

But then I wrote it and it wound up pretty long. So it's a blog post instead:

For reason I don't understand, people sometimes pay money for my games. So I have some credit to my name.

What interesting, weird small press games should I purchase with it?

Good answers will be POD (I have too many PDFs), and have a unique in terms of system (no PbtA, FitD or OSR) and/or genre (no dungeon fantasy). Ideally, something unique in terms of both genre AND system.

Do you think serial killers ever look at hitmen and are like "Ugh, what a sellout"?
--one player's musings during last night's game session

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