Hasbro is releasing a version of Monopoly that, for some reason, promises to take even longer to play than regular Monopoly.

Since 12% of Monopoly games already last an infinite length of time (see: ), we have to assume that Hasbro has increased the average length of the game from a countably infinite length (aleph null time) to an uncountably infinite (omega) length game.

@nickwedig The Catholic Church is wrong. Hell is not a lake of fire. It is a game of Monopoly that will not end, played with family members you hate.

@nickwedig Sounds fun, as long as I have orange street. ;)

@nickwedig What were the _other_ choices in that product meeting that _this_ was the one they went with?

@LPS @nickwedig I'm aware of the origins of the game, yes, but that's not the point we're talking about here.

@nickwedig Quick sidenote: Omega and Aleph Null are ususally the same set. Aleph One is is the first uncountable cardinal.
Although one could argue that Omega + 1 is already "longer" than Omega.

@abs I am not at all surprised to find that I got the math part wrong.

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