By way of I am a hobbyist game designer who makes a lot of small weird fun games. These are generally indie or story game type things, often GMless, very focused on a specific premise, and available free or Pay What You Want on some combination of my website, or DrivethruRPG.

By profession, I'm a law librarian. Outside of roleplaying game stuff, I don't usually post much about my life. I enjoy cooking, baking, board games, video games, scifi and fantasy books, etc.

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Ongoing thread of games I've made (1/??)

The best game that I have written is Rusałka, a GMless card driven game about tragic fairy tales and wishes that go awry. You play the rusałka, spirits of women that drowned in a mystic pool. Now you're strange ghostly spirits with strange powers. Folks from nearby villages come to you for help from your weird magic, but things rarely turn out as they hoped. It's a game that is mysterious and beautiful and sad.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (2/??)

The most popular game I've made is The Devil, John Moulton, an occult western revenge tale. You're cowpokes in the old west who sold their souls to a mysterious stranger, in exchange for a magical gift. Now you've realized that the gifts he gives only bring trouble. So you've banded together a posse and you're going to hunt that stranger down and get your souls back.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (3/??)

Mesopotamians is a goofy and fun game where you play ancient undead Sumerian warlords who have been resurrected in modern day to help bring about the apocalypse. Instead, you decided to start a rock band.

It's a ridiculous premise based on a They Might Be Giants song, but it's a really fun game and I think it has some really clever tricks hidden in the mechanics.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (4/??)

Hellhound on My Trail is a hack of Agon (the game of epic ancient Greek heroes) that transposes the story into Depression era dustbowls a la Oh Brother Where Art Thou? You play drifters wandering from town to town, getting involved in local trouble and fleeing from a mysterious shadowy entity. The game includes an authentic 1930s blues soundtrack with mechanical impact on play.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (5/??)

To Graves Unknown is a one page solo rpg about investigating weird mysteries, designed to imitate the story structure of spooky mystery podcasts like TANIS and Limetown or the videogame Oxenfree.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (6/??)

Last Voyage of the Alecto is a short GMless card based game about a doomed naval voyage. You know from the beginning that the ship will sink and many of the crew will be lost, but finding out how the tragedy unfolds is the fun of the game. (Mechanically, it's derived from the excellent Swords Without Master.)

Ongoing thread of games I've made (7/??)

Sealing the Fate is a modern day occult reskin of Stealing the Throne (a supercool science fiction mecha heist game) where you are witches trying to force some guy into fulfilling your prophecy of The Chosen One, so that you can steal the Chosen One's power and gain godhood for yourselves.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (8/??)

Wish You Were Here is a two player epistolary RPG about mourning the dead, Tarot card interpretation and set collection. You play two people who cared about each other very much, one of whom recently died. For some unknown reason, the living and dead characters can still send letters back and forth to each other, and use that medium to work out the emotional problems they couldn't solve while both were still alive.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (9/??)

So Now you're a Time Traveler is a two page game about time travel. I wanted to play the weird old game Continuum: Roleplaying in the Yet, but I didn't want the 90s era trad game system attached. So I reskinned the excellent minimalist mythos horror game Cthulhu Dark to be about time travel. You can time travel as much as you want, but each time you risk increasing Paradox. Hit 6 Paradox and you're erased from the time line.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (10/??)

I Pray God Will Curse the Writer is a larp inspired by the King In Yellow Mythos. Indie filmmakers making a horror movie find themselves trapped in Carcosa, a bizarre realm where time loops back on itself and an apocalypse is always approaching.

It's creepy and surreal and maybe a bit too complicated ruleswise for a larp to run smoothly.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (11/??)

The Mystery Creature of Claytonsville PA is a GMless game about a small town that is hit by a series of bizarre encounters with some sort of ultraterrestrial creature. It is about how living in a small town is stifling and stressful and how those stresses manifest in bizarre ways. It's low key and spooky and magical and strange. It's made to be like The Mothman Prophecies crossed with Paranoia Agent and Kentucky Route Zero.

Ongoing thread of games I've made (12/??) 

Eccentric Millionaire is a weird online game I made, part LAOG, part guessing game, part social deception game. Hunt the earth for secret buried treasure, from the comfort of your own home, using satellite maps and Slack or Discord.

(Based on a true story.)

@pseudo310 Dozens and dozens of games. I don't know if I'll get through all of them in this thread or if I'll get bored listing them all.

@nickwedig Welcome to Mastodon! I'm gonna have to check out some of these games you posted below 👀

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