Suppose you're reading/watching/telling a story or playing an RPG about people discovering they have unusual superpowers. What sort of questions would you want to be answered about the parameters of those superpowers?

Thinking about what it does, how powerful it is, what things it works on, what is immune to that power, what energy source it draws from, etc. What else?

I'm trying to come up with a big list of questions to be answered through the process of play, and need some more items.

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@nickwedig side effects, on the person with the power, and environmental effects, what happens to the area when the power is used. What are the limitations as well as the abilities?

@WanderingBeekeeper Yeah, those are exactly the sorts of things I'm looking for.

@nickwedig Certainly some measure of the power's scope or magnitude. Blades in the Dark has a pretty good chart for assessing the scope of a phenomenon, if you're looking for a model.

Assuming it's a personal superpower, I'd also want some sort of categorical explanation, i.e. why/how do I have this power? Am I an alien, a mutant, is it magical? Those distinctions can have narrative and mechanical implications worth considering.

@nickwedig I'd add sensory details: what it looks, smells, sounds, feels like. This opens the door, for me, to a lot of "who notices when you use it", too.

@nickwedig "How does this interfere with normal life". For instance, Rogue can't touch people safely and Angel needs to tailor his clothing.

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