Yardwork is dumb. I never should have bought a house with a yard.

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@nickwedig I just wish we could have thoughtfully grown green spaces instead, with whatever weeds and plants nature gives us, and ground cover instead of invasive grasses!

@thoughty @nickwedig I went to a talk last night about that very thing, came home with a pocketful of native wildflower seeds. I'm *very* much anti-lawn, and have done my best to keep my spaces as untamed as possible, much to my neighbors' chagrin. :D

(Talk by at Austin Nerd Nite)

@majcher @thoughty When I try to let my lawn turn into the wild vegetation native to our region, I get hit by a fine from the local government.

@nickwedig @majcher same here, ours is $500 for first offense if you don't immediately "fix" it. Massive pain in my ass tbh.

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