You ever finish writing a game, look at it, and realize that, while it is a perfectly fine game that does interesting and engaging things, it's not one that you'd ever want to play or publish?

Happens to me a lot.

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@nickwedig Hoping to get there someday, instead of the "is this even a game?" that I'm at now. 😁

@nickwedig I've only written 4 complete games, but one of the first ones was this.
Actually, I'm not sure it even did anything engaging. There were probably no huge technical problems with it, but there was also no reason at all to play it.
Part of it was the mechanic I based it on; the constraints forced me to cut all the irony, humor, and nuance out of it. It ended up sounding like one of those, "Hey, complete stranger, why don't you reenact my angsty old journal entries? It'll be fun!" games.

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