So if you were to assign one Batman villain to each of the Tarot major arcana (because, say, you're idly designing a Batman themed card game using Tarot cards), what villain would you assign to each card/archetype?

Some are obvious (the Joker is the Fool) and some work really well (Two Face as the Wheel of Fortune, where you randomly might get the good result or the bad result). But others are less clear. Who is Temperance? Who is the Chariot?

@nickwedig Azrael seems like a good fit for Justice. Mr Freeze could fit Temperance? He's all about being unemotional and collected. Clayface for the Moon - transforming and 'monstrousness' are definitely in the character.

@nickwedig Falcone = Emperor, Catwoman = Empress, maybe Firefly is Chariot but he's pretty Z-list

@nickwedig I'd place Ivy as The World, Harley Quinn as High Priestess, Bane as Strength, Ras Al Ghul as Heirophant, Riddler as Magician, Man-Bat as the tower... and then I think I run out of bat-knowledge. Maybe mad hatter as Devil, but I'm not sure that works

@wurzel Some of your correspondences match the ones I was alreadt thinking exactly, and some not at all. I find this very interesting.

@nickwedig Hah, I'll bet. A lot will vary on particular versions of characters and interpretations of cards. Happy to explain my reasoning for any 😅

I think most of those make sense to me. I wouldn't make the same connections but I can see why you chose what you did. I'd never think to make Man-Bat be The Tower, but I see why that correspondence makes sense.

@nickwedig That's definitely a tricky one - so many Batman villains are defined by tragedy and hubris! In the end I think assignment is going to be partially determined by game design concerns - e.g. the Joker could be the Fool or the Devil, Harley Quinn could be High Priestess, Moon, or 1/2 of lovers, all depending on how you need to round out the deck

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