I made a card based Pokemon RPG for my daughter's birthday several years ago. We played it a few times and then it sat forgotten on the shelf for a long, long time.

I don't know why she decided today that she wanted to play it again. But I am glad she is enjoying it once more.

Picture of the Pokemon game did not attach to previous post for some reason.

I can send you a PDF of the cards, but they won't be understandable without a rules explanation. I can't find any file of that; there may never have been a written rules document.

I can try to write up an explanation of the game, though.

@nickwedig Oh, I meant put it all in an envelope and mail it to me.

I was kidding, of course.

BUT I sure would be interested to see the cards and whatever rules explanation you have the time and inclination to write down. My son would play it, I'm sure.

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