If you were a weird spellcasting alien planning to rob a wizard's tower of magical loot (preferably without the mage realizing until it was done) what would you want to know ahead of time?

What questions should be asked while you plan a heist?

(It's for an RPG. I'm not planning to rob any place.)

@nickwedig are there security spells, where are the traps, do they have a guard pet of some kind, how long will they be absent next, do they sleep, do they live alone?

@nickwedig Hmmm ... I’d wonder what stuff was sensitive to being cold, hot, wet, oxygen-deprived, vibrated, moved; which items shouldn’t be placed too close together else they’d interact; what part of the collection requires regular re-warding, feeding, sacrifices; and of course, the size of the blast radius when some treasure’s special conditions for existence get violated. That’s all I’ve got.

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