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You know how my flying elephant solves domestic disputes? Raise a zombie army. Architectural instability? Zombie army. Boredom? You guessed it, zombie army.

I was hoping to make my next weird D&D monster game also be an entry for @paulczege 's tRumPG challenge.

But I was having trouble because D&D angels are really stupidly bland and boring.

Then I found the creature that might be the right mix of weird and dumb and obscure. As a bonus, it also helps reinforce the satirical subtext of the game.

Picture of the Pokemon game did not attach to previous post for some reason.

Work meeting about how to artificially place our personalities into a small number of boxes for business purposes. Seems to me about as useful as astrology.

But for gaming purposes I find it intriguing. Like what if you had a game where those were the four classes to choose from? And each was only able to ask those Who / How / Why questions to determine what happens in the scene?

Maybe I can make the danger scale makes sense by using a graphical shorthand. The card has a danger scale, which is 5 or 6 icons of cards that you would draw, but more or less of them are covered with big red Xs (or some icon meaning danger). More red Xs = more danger, but you draw cards equal to the open card icons on the right.

Does this seem to convey the information in an intuitive, straightforward manner?