Every game designer should have a little notebook full of scribbled notes and diagrams only they can comprehend.

Fact C) It's a long established joke in Magic the Gathering that 15 squirrels can defeat any monster, even the Galactus-equivalent Emrakul, most powerful of the Eldrazi.

Conclusion: MtG is better at emulating superhero comics than the game made specifically to do so.

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Fact A) In the new Marvel superhero RPG, it's basically impossible for a low level character to defeat a higher level one, because of how bonuses scale by level.

Fact B) This is despite the fact that underdogs defeating more powerful enemies is central to some of my favorite comics, like when Squirrel Girl defeats Galactus or Doctor Doom.

I wrote a Babylon 5 inspired RPG so that I could play as G'Kar, or maybe Londo.

Now that we're playtesting it, I think my PC wound up more like Zathras.

I'm not complaining.

(Picture is unused Star Wars concept art I'm now using as a mental image of my PC.)

I have some question about this map that LexisNexis provided us. Questions like "what do you think an Ohio even is?"


Macaron attempt number 6 did not come out as nicely as number 5. Probably because I did the macaronage wrong and the batter was still too thick and full of bubbles. That is why they wind up looking like snail shells.

The lime and basil flavor is very good, though.


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