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I wrote a compilation of support tools for ttrpgs! it's also got thoughts from me on how support works, why we should do it, and how to do it effectively.

some of the tools are well known, some are less well known, some are tools I wrote just for it.

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@kensanata Most of what I post is about RPGs I am playing or creating.

@ossifog I have played two really great games of it where we created a fascinating history for a complex setting, collaboratively on the fly. Those were great games.

I also played one game if it at Gencon that got very silly, and that was unsatisfying.


Sisyphus has a level of job security I would die for.

@cwebber Even if you never use Facebook, Facebook keeps a shadow profile of you. Even if you never set up your account with your bank's website, your bank still has your financial data stored in its database. Even if you never use the computers, your personal data could be leaked, hacked or stolen. Even if you never go online, your identity could be stolen by someone who does.

Even abstinence isn't strong enough protection for computers.

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This Gencon, everyone kept giving me business cards. Is this networking? Am I networking right now? I don't understand how networking works.

I thought it had something to do with routers and packets, but now there are cards.

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Startup creeps aren't accidentally reinventing libraries and buses. They're very deliberately inventing libraries and buses that poor people aren't allowed to use.

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There was a board game in the 1960s that was actually a mechanical computer, intended to be single human player. Despite only consisting of a few plastic levers that store less than one byte of RAM, the computer was smart enough that it could always win!

See it in action, along with an explanation, over at
Further reading on Wikipedia:

I'm still trying to make a roleplaying game every month about a weird D&D monster. I missed making a game for June, but my game for July is about anthropomorphic dinosaur people building a new life in an unfamiliar world.

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this game worked in play.

Google Translate begins to spout apocalyptic prophecies. That's not ominous foreshadowing at all.

What impending doom is Google's neural network trying to warn us about?

@signalstation "Finishing Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is the key to achieving enlightenment, according to the ancient teaching of the UFO gods."

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"Stigmatise those who let people die, not those who struggle to live."

Plan for yesterday evening: Finish working on a game about dinosaur people.

Actual outcome: Spend the night showing Jurassic Park to my children.

Close enough.

@JacobSKellogg That depends a lot on where you are located. You are apparently in Minnesota, which has open primaries. So you can vote in any party's primary without declaring as a member of the party. You can only vote for candidates in one party's primary, though. If you mark votes for both Democratic primary races and for Republican races, your vote will be thrown out.

Read the state's webpage of rules to know your rights.

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I just spent a sodding hour and a half on the phone with Verizon, and I'd bitch about it but there's little point since everyone already knows that they're shit. The USA desperately needs regulators who aren't afraid to take a chainsaw to enormous corporations like this, cut them into chunks and force competition to happen.

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