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The dice bowl's usual home of the dining room table is currently in chaos, so it occupies a spot in the kitchen at the moment.

The Imposters is DriveThruRPG's deal of the day. You can get the PDF at a steep discount. So if you wanted to see several cool, weird games about conspiracies and paranoia, then you should check it out. (I wrote a microgame that is part of the anthology.)

@JasonT We store our dice (several thousand of them) in a Depression era punch bowl that I got at my parent's garage sale. It usually acts as centerpiece for our dining room table.

Two more monsters I forgot to include in my list of monsters with RPGs specifically devoted to them:

Snake lesbians (A Cozy Den)

Owlbears (several games from the 2006 Bully Pulpit Owlbear game design challenge. I like "Winnie-the-Owl-Pooh" best).

Continuing my effort to make a game about a weird D&D monster for every month of 2018, "The Mind of God" is a silly game I made about playing hollyphants, winged elephant messengers from god, dealing with an increasingly forgetful and confused god’s commands.

Ghost Court
Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Happy Birthday Robot
Hillfolk / Dramasystem
A Penny for My Thoughts
Project Dark
Itras By

@McGravin @MoeT I'm not looking for games where you play mundane animals (Mouse Guard, Bunnies and Burrows, several cat games, etc.) but those are close.

@McGravin I knew there was a goblin focused game I was forgetting.

And there's GURPs Goblins, too, which I had forgotten about.

...Ghosts (Wraith, Geist, Spookshow, etc.), Vampires (Vampire, Undying), Werewolves (Werewolf), Mummies (Mummy), Minotaurs (The Clay that Woke), Skeletons (The Skeletons), Creepy puppets (Puppetland), Bone Golem (Bag of Bones), Sentient bears (Honey Heist), Sentient weapons (Wield, Blade Bind), helpful household spirits (Golden Sky Stories), and talking ponies (Laser Ponies, Ponyfinder, the MY Little Pony RPG).

Can you think of any other games about any other fantasy monsters?

Which fantasy monsters have roleplaying games specifically devoted to letting you play as that creature? (Not as GM, letting the player be the creature.)

My initial list includes: Angels (Engel, In Nomine), Demons (In Nomine), Dragons (Fireborn, BattleDragon, Council of Wyrms), Fairies (Changeling), Gods (Nobilis), Orcs (Ork!, Havoc Brigade, Orkworld), Kobolds (Kobolds Ate My Baby), Trolls (Trollbabe)... (continued)

@jk This is a big letdown compared to last year when we got a prime number.

If you want, you can watch my brothers and I play a decades old D&D videogame.

Let me tell you, Pool of Radiance is buggy as hell. We have repeatedly broken this game in a variety of ways.

It might be. I don't know enough about Tolkien's more obscure works to say for sure that he didn't cover those adventures somewhere.

But I doubt it. Tolkien wasn't very good about remembering to give female characters any agency... Or even remembering to have female characters at all.

If you were a weird spellcasting alien planning to rob a wizard's tower of magical loot (preferably without the mage realizing until it was done) what would you want to know ahead of time?

What questions should be asked while you plan a heist?

(It's for an RPG. I'm not planning to rob any place.)

@Bad_Quail I'm unlikely to ever run or play an RPG campaign set in Middle Earth (I prefer a less defined setting). But if I did, this would be a strong contender for the job.

Early on in "The Hobbit", Tolkien briefly mentions that, before she married Bungo Baggins, Bilbo's mother Belladonna Took would go on wild adventures with her two "remarkable" sisters.

I think that would be a prequel I'd be interested in seeing.

@Canageek My recent game about psychic monks looking for a new homeland drew inspiration in part from a podcast about Chinese cooking.

The game I'm making now about elephant angels is inspired by an unfinished text adventure from the 80s that satirized Ronald Reagan.

Not characters, but close enough I hope.

Here's a primer on using Scribus for RPG design:

And inside this Dropbox collection is a guide to game layout and publishing (under Reading Material):

And if you're doing anything evocative of early role-playing, then this might be helpful: