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Frankenstein was written because Dr. Polidori suggested a story-writing contest, which is already halfway to an RPG of the Baron Munchausen variety.

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Science fiction was invented by Mary Shelley on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816. (Sort of. There were precursors but let's ignore them for a minute.)

Tabletop RPGs were invented by wargamers on the shores of Lake Geneva in the late 1960s. (Sort of. There were precursors but let's ignore them for a minute.)

There's an interesting alternate history where the two swap. Where Shelley invented a new pastime for the bored poets, where they imagined themselves Gothic heroes by using funny dice.

Every game designer should have a little notebook full of scribbled notes and diagrams only they can comprehend.

In a sane and just world, all indie #ttrpg books would look like mid-1970s science textbooks.

And finish out the game with Sunday morning For the Queen. As always,it creates a beautiful and complex picture of relationships in the Queen's court.

In the end, the Queen's fool organized an attack on the Queen's life but chose to defend her from the ambush, while my menagerie attendant stabbed her in the back out of revenge for her past cruelties.

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And after napping all afternoon, we played Lovecraftesque. The true horror lurking beneath Calamity Raccoon's Goodtime Funtime Pizza Farm was revealed. And the teenage janitor witness sacrificed himself to avoid a linguistic apocalypse, flooding the tunnels underneath the pizza joint with him and the creepy occultist Mr. Smith both trapped inside.

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Today began with Ion, which is basically a Sushi Go type card drafting game but with a chemistry theme. One player was concerned about not understanding the chemistry, but the chemistry was really irrelevant to the game.

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This article by @nickwedig was shared a while back but I only got to reading it now and wanted to boost it. It’s about using spotlighting as a pull to highlight player interest. Easily adaptable to almost any TTRPG and I quite like it. Thanks, Nick.

And we finished of the Friday of the con with Back on the Flail Snail Ranch, my low-key pastoral game of raising giant snail monsters. It went really well, though it was almost entirely made of my players from my home game, plus one guy who didn't know what he was getting into.

The game featured a very slow snail stampede, poisoned boysenberry jam, debate over snail show breed standards, using leftover Halloween decorations to scare away orcish organized crime figures, and flying sharks.

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Then in the afternoon we played a truck taking card game, and I remembered how much I fucking hate trick taking games.

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Today began with Rest in Pieces, a game I owned but had not played. At one point our landlord Charon (ferryman on the river Styx) was forcing us onto a plane ride that we all knew would crash. So I used my years of experience as an amateur mime to dress a dummy up as me to go on the ride in my place. This fooled Charon into thinking I died in the crash, but then I had to assume a false identity as a new different roommate for as long as I lived with him.

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RT @Orteil42
indie games: what if you were a little fly. what if a sentient locomotive was after you. what if you tidied up a house. what if you were a bear who runs a B&B

AAA games: what if u had a gun

Fourth game of Origins was Rusalka. Also the first game I was running instead of just playing. Only two of the six scheduled players showed up, but we had a great time nonetheless. Both players really seemed to enjoy the game and got into inventing cool dark fantasy details for the story.

When a scientist sought proof of the rusalka, my character transformed him to look like a hideous monster, and he was driven out of any town he came to. That was the proof of our existence I offered.

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Third game is Misspent Youth. I really like Misspent Youth, and had a good time playing. I'm not convinced by the changes they were playtesting for the new edition, though.

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Second game of the con is Wingspan, which was much better.

None of us had played before, so we were trying to figure out the rules as we went and probably did stuff wrong. But we all had a good time playing it.

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First game of Origins was not a success. A GM who was unprepared, did not know the rules and made no effort to make the fiction lively or interesting. Dice mechanics that don't work, an adventure that consists solely of "you're a soldier. Walk toward those guys and roll attacks until one of you dies." Combat system that consists primarily of whiffing. Not a good game on any level.

I had considered backing this game when it was on Kickstarter, but now I'm glad I didn't.

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