here's can i have those here??? is this a thread???? here's a toot which i will reply to with MORE toots about my current ongoing projects!!

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✨ Connection to the Server Lost
originally this was for a game jam!! i uhhhhhhhh didn't finish it in time lol. a Descended From the Queen game about the last few moments before an MMORPG's end of service, spent reminiscing with your guildmates. explores the strange and transient nature of internet friendships and the alternate selves we build for them. this is like 75% done i've just got a chunk of questions that need writing and uhhhh all the layout design but i'm not gonna go too hard on that

✨ A Stop Along the Road
solo journaling game i am INTENDING to fit on one page. in a world of adventurers on dangerous, splendid, incredible quests, you play as the resident of a cozy little home along the way, offering your hospitality to the adventurers who come by. uses tarot cards as a prompt mechanic. maybe like 60-70% done? i have moooost of the core foundation of this all set i just need to dig into the last details

✨ unnamed pokémon journaling game
solo letter writing game in which you play a pokémon trainer on your very own adventure. focuses on the cozy, friendly nature of the pokémon world presented to us in the games, and the potential life of a mundane trainer who makes friends with their pokémon and the people around them. this is like, 80% vibes and the other 20% sure ain't mechanics but i've got a fair chunk of establishing writing done and a solidifying idea of how i want the game to play

✨ A Year in the Valley (working title that i hate)
inspired by stardew valley, rune factory, etc—a storytelling game about a post-post-apocalyptic community of witches homesteading and keeping their community supported. originally envisioned as a solo game but has since grown; i've started looking into no dice no masters for this? may end up being two games at this rate tbqh, one designed for solo play and one designed for groups. this one's also like 80%+ vibes tbh but the vibes are STRONG

✨ Sunbridge Town
a system-agnostic supplement based on stardew valley/rune factory/other farmsims—contains a cozy town with a large, varied cast of npcs and a few plot hooks for gms to expand upon and incorporate into their stories and worlds.

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