a stop along the road is live!!! a wee little solo journaling game about a character who's chosen to settle down despite all the adventure in the world, offering their hospitality to adventurers coming through. i'm real grateful to this community for finally giving me the kick in the pants i've needed to finish this! please enjoy it—community copies are available if needed and refreshed in exchange for comments and ratings!!! 💖

@nidorina 🎉🎉🎉 good job getting it finished!

@nidorina aaaah I did this exact concept for a nanowrimo once but couldn't really get it to shape into, well, a novel - so this is brilliant!! Can't wait to check it out!

@kraaico aaah yeah, i always wanna write low-stakes cozy stuff but never quite manage to mold it into something that structured!! this seemed like an easier way to go about that kind of premise... thank you so much, i hope you end up enjoying it!! 💖

@nidorina exactly!! Most of my story ideas/concepts are like that, so after discovering journalling rpgs I'm just like.... oh so this where those were meant to go and how I can shape them!!

@kraaico haha yeeeess, i've gotten really into the genre as of late!! i'm hoping to turn more of my similar concepts into journalling games too... it's just a super fun medium!!

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