i haven't been around SUPER often but i wanted to take a moment to share this SUPER COOL ART my roommate did for me!!! they made me into a magical girl so i had something to decorate my website (currently in progress) since the url/title is "magical gurll" 😭 they did the design and captured my aesthetic PERFECTLY. they're riverhailed on twitter, i super recommend commissioning them!!!!

i didn't do any of the gamedev i intended to yesterday but i DID do some art... here are a couple pieces of these same blorbos from the other day too while i'm at it. i got too attached to a character from a one shot and i just need like a week to get it out of my system

i hate corporations but UGHHHH target's pride collection is GOOD i'm GOING TO BUY THIS and i'm MAD ABOUT IT

here's an npc sample 👀 no appearance info yet but i do have a portrait like half-done. idk i've never written a supplement like this before!! is this enough information to work with? too much?

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a chunk of questions that go with A Stop Along the Road!!! this was kind of a last minute addition—most of the game works on a very loose "interpret based on Vibes" principle—but i think it'll be useful; these are questions regarding the adventurers visiting and taking temporary respite in your home. the text for this is almost completely done; if i might be able to release it this week if i really buckle down on it


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