a stop along the road is live!!! a wee little solo journaling game about a character who's chosen to settle down despite all the adventure in the world, offering their hospitality to adventurers coming through. i'm real grateful to this community for finally giving me the kick in the pants i've needed to finish this! please enjoy it—community copies are available if needed and refreshed in exchange for comments and ratings!!! 💖


is getting a couple small pieces rewritten but i finally finished the art i needed to do so i think i'm going to drop it tomorrow or the next day!!! 👀

i found an artist for and i am obsessed, OBSESSED, i can't wait to show y'all what they did 😭 unfortunately this means my lazy ass has to finally get around to doing MY art because that's basically the only thing waiting LMAO

oKAY i have done a layout i am basically content with, i know WHAT i want for art, i just have to find an artist... all my art friends do characters instead of scenery/objects, which is what i'm looking for, so it's been a tough search!!! i have a couple options but i am definitely interested in having others so if anyone can recommend artists they've worked with before/artists they are, i'm listening 👀

hmm HMMMM i could fit it to one* page if i removed the questions table and while it was kind of a last minute addition i'm not sure i'm willing to... on the third hand if i add this third page with the questions table i'll need to get some more art to jam in there. haven't figured out if that's a pro (art!!!!) or a con (money......)

*technically two but like. front and back one piece of paper LMAO

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update: this "one pager" is about to turn into a three pager due to my inabilities to 1) format things nicely and prettily and 2) shut the fuck up

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i've decided i'm almost certainly going to commission a li'l art piece for but i have...no idea what i want...... and i am not going to be that asshole who rolls up to an artist like "idk go crazy go stupid" no one wants that!!! i'm feeling an environment/items more than i am a character but other than that 🤷‍♀️ and i don't want to do the text layout without at least an idea of the shape of the space i should leave...

the fresh shine of a new community was the kick in the pants i needed i guess because i went from not having looked at my notes on for months to getting all the text done this afternoon!! i'm gonna let it sit so i can edit it later this week, i'm in the process of getting some art for it still, and i still gotta fistfight Illustrator my enemy, but like if any pals wanna playtest my sweet li'l journaling one pager i'd take a couple volunteers 👀

a chunk of questions that go with A Stop Along the Road!!! this was kind of a last minute addition—most of the game works on a very loose "interpret based on Vibes" principle—but i think it'll be useful; these are questions regarding the adventurers visiting and taking temporary respite in your home. the text for this is almost completely done; if i might be able to release it this week if i really buckle down on it

i'm hoping to make enough headway on (i'm gonna try to use different hashtags for my different projects?? is this how this works???) that i can wrangle a playtester or two, and even if i don't START the art i want to decide what i WANT for it lmao... maybe start compiling references. but the text of the game is almost done!!!

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