trying to do some writing in but the only thing i want to do is make maps......... i'm saving the map for last-ish because the assets i want for it cost money and i don't want to spend any cash before i'm confident in releasing it, but also. brain wants to place tiles on things.

i've gotten my sole obligation for the day out of the way and now i don't know what to do with myself. last week was so packed and in general i keep my schedule busy so it's the absence of events, who am i

anyway hopefully i'll get some work on done, or maybe start coming up with the base mechanics for that shop running solo game

here's an npc sample 👀 no appearance info yet but i do have a portrait like half-done. idk i've never written a supplement like this before!! is this enough information to work with? too much?

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all right we're gonna put down as the name for my stardew/rune factory/etc-style town supplement unless anything better comes along. for each npc i think i'm including:
- name, pronouns, age
- basic overview
- some bonus details ("tips for playing" kind of deal)
- appearance details (probably portraits too!)
- where in the town they live
- likes & dislikes, in proper farmsin fashion
- a couple relationships w other townspeople

is there anything else that would be useful do you think?

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