i went into a fugue state and wrote a lasers & feelings hack for the thing & another thing jam! soul & survival is a dark fantasy based on the general Vibe of dark souls and bloodborne, as interpreted by someone who's played neither. it's 90% vibes by volume and it's pwyw on itch!

community copies on A Stop Along the Road are getting low so i just want to remind everyone that i'll add another for each comment and rating left on the game—rating only takes a few seconds and five stars does WONDERS for visibility on itch, so if you enjoyed it, please consider leaving one!!! & even a small comment is super appreciated + counts for community copy refreshing!!

i've been waiting for this belonging outside belonging/gmless + diceless to drop and it finally has!!! i'm real excited to try playing this, it looks wicked charming

a stop along the road is live!!! a wee little solo journaling game about a character who's chosen to settle down despite all the adventure in the world, offering their hospitality to adventurers coming through. i'm real grateful to this community for finally giving me the kick in the pants i've needed to finish this! please enjoy it—community copies are available if needed and refreshed in exchange for comments and ratings!!! 💖


so one of the other things i do is make random generators!! i have a pretty extensive collection and even though i haven't added anything new in a while i have a lot of fun with them... they're meant to inspire characters, settings, and stories—here's the link to the main site but i'm gonna thread just a couple of my favorites too!!

anyway here are a bunch of hashtags about things i care about in the interest of making some new pals. i intend to use this to mostly talk about but i also like to chat!!

a chunk of questions that go with A Stop Along the Road!!! this was kind of a last minute addition—most of the game works on a very loose "interpret based on Vibes" principle—but i think it'll be useful; these are questions regarding the adventurers visiting and taking temporary respite in your home. the text for this is almost completely done; if i might be able to release it this week if i really buckle down on it

here's a...th...thread..??? can i have those here??? is this a thread???? here's a toot which i will reply to with MORE toots about my current ongoing projects!!


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