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HI!! i just joined like 2 weeks ago but never posting anything yet lol im still tryin figure out this app

Anyway here is a drawing of a one of my ocs: Jake the jazz skeleton :]

woo yeahh woo yeah first post (i hope i did this right sjdjkf)

#oc #originalcharacter #neonart #skeleton #jazz

community copies on A Stop Along the Road are getting low so i just want to remind everyone that i'll add another for each comment and rating left on the game—rating only takes a few seconds and five stars does WONDERS for visibility on itch, so if you enjoyed it, please consider leaving one!!! & even a small comment is super appreciated + counts for community copy refreshing!!

my only desire in life is to write cozy things about doing mundane stuff in fantasy worlds

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what if...slightly crunchier solo journaling game about running a li'l fantasy shop......

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There's a jam going on for Lasers & Feelings hacks, and it's tempting me to brush off an idea I had for a Scooby-Doo themed hack in which your skills are Zoinks! and Jinkies!

I always feel like Lasers and Feelings hacks. Especially when they do something a little bit north of just changing the two skill names in question. This little jam also inspired me to finally make a page for Day of the Doctors, my little Doctor Who game.

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i have a new project -- a zine of of microstories, poems, and ephemera about the named HTML colors. i'd love if you checked it out! i collaborated with 15 writers, plus a host of classics like jane austen and h.g. wells, along with well over 100 full color photos and illustrations.

also i'm INSPIRED... maybe the next project i really buckle down on will be my pokémon solo letter writing game

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i've been waiting for this belonging outside belonging/gmless + diceless to drop and it finally has!!! i'm real excited to try playing this, it looks wicked charming

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Hey folks - in light of the SCOTUS leak, I'm putting together a DrivethruRPG bundle supporting reproductive rights.

Please drop me an email (allandaros @ gmail) if you want to contribute a product.

The intention is to go live this coming Monday, US Eastern time.


hmmmmmmm what project do i fixate on now that a stop along the road is done. i guess i keep picking at sunbridge?? maybe finally finish connection lost...

a stop along the road is live!!! a wee little solo journaling game about a character who's chosen to settle down despite all the adventure in the world, offering their hospitality to adventurers coming through. i'm real grateful to this community for finally giving me the kick in the pants i've needed to finish this! please enjoy it—community copies are available if needed and refreshed in exchange for comments and ratings!!! 💖

is getting a couple small pieces rewritten but i finally finished the art i needed to do so i think i'm going to drop it tomorrow or the next day!!! 👀

ya gurll got a ✨ job ✨ offer ✨ which is, of course, exciting, but also, i will miss having all this spare time... gonna have to blitz through my current projects that are close to completion in the next week and a half!!!

i'm so serious about this offer. i know it's geographically inconvenient but i will pay for your cab to the greyhound station and your buses to boston. you'll be cooked for, you'll be taken care of. we only have each other.

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uspol, on a ttrpg note 

there are whispers in some of my circles about an itchio charity bundle, but uncertainty about where the best place to send the money is—if anyone is personally aware (i.e. not sharing a list they just found) of abortion charities, especially larger ones helping distribute to smaller regional groups, lmk

as this comes down to states' rights, abortion will likely remain legal in massachusetts, where i live; if any of you ever find yourself or someone you love in need of a procedure and a place to stay, my air mattress is real comfy

okay i won't keep spamming everyone's feeds lmao. it's been a hot minute since i've made a new generator tbh but i am always open to ideas, and i make a lot of ttrpg-specific ones so if you ever want something for your game i am easy to reach ;>

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trail between sun and stars character
this is very much for a specific ttrpg but i looove the character prompts that come out of this

fire emblem character
there's a ton of options and combinations in this one and i think i did a great job staying true to the series!!

potion shop
this one's also super extensive and i think my favorite generator that has the most general use lmao

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so one of the other things i do is make random generators!! i have a pretty extensive collection and even though i haven't added anything new in a while i have a lot of fun with them... they're meant to inspire characters, settings, and stories—here's the link to the main site but i'm gonna thread just a couple of my favorites too!!

✨ Sunbridge Town
a system-agnostic supplement based on stardew valley/rune factory/other farmsims—contains a cozy town with a large, varied cast of npcs and a few plot hooks for gms to expand upon and incorporate into their stories and worlds.

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