Hey, can anybody recommend a professional layout person for an RPG rulebook? I've been trying to do it myself but I think I might be in over my head.

Experience with products published on DriveThruRPG (or similar) is a major plus.

Please boost!

I survived today's streamed VURT session! twitch.tv/videos/311017643

By which I mean, me, Mike. (Running the stream was stressful.)

My character's fine too, he's just hopped up on dream-world drugs in the worst bathroom in Manchester. So, you know, status quo there.

Tomorrow we're streaming another game of the #VURT rpg over on Twitch. Since all our previous sessions have been lost to the even growing hunger of the void there's a recap video to explain what the hell is going on (and I love it to pieces).


36 hours remain in the campaign to bring the Codex Edition of The BLOODY-HANDED NAME of BRONZE to life — and the funding of the campaign is close enough to smell the sweat that streaks the kohl from its eyes!

SHARE and BACK to bring forth the WORDS in the SECRET LANGUAGE of NAMES that will summon it from the Waters of the Underworld!


Hi, this is going to be wonderful and you should totally back the Kickstarter, kthxbai.

"Bronze-Age Sword and Sorcery roleplaying, inspired by TORAH and ILLIAD, GILGAMESH and ACHILLES, CONAN and THE DYING EARTH."


Today's Blades hack update: No new progress, but I may have found the soundtrack I never knew I needed for the game.


Hey... tabletop fantasy gamers. How do you deal with racism in your games? The fact that there's a lot of racist tropes in Tolkien-derived fantasy settings?

As a white person, I'm always looking for ways of making this better. Trying to avoid stereotype tropes in the prewritten adventures that I run. Avoiding racist accents to give to characters. Etc. Stuff like that.

Currently two-plus weeks of on and off working on space marines. Making progress but still not done. Here’s a peek.

Tomorrow: Hot Springs Island + Dungeon World session zero.

Since it's summer and everyone has been screwing around having lives and families and junk this is my first actual game in...err...June. *sigh*

Still debating trying to start a twitch Vurt campaign in the fall.

If you (like me) use a lot of graph paper, here is some LaTeX code with lots of different styles that you can customize. Fee free to fork and make improvements!


(And send me pics of your best graphs, plots, dungeons, wilderness maps, etc.)

and a run of the mill, introverted mermaid has just developed an abhorrent addiction to tentacles... in the Twilight Zone.

New instance new #introduction, right?

Hi, I'm Mike. I've been an RPG guy since some poor deluded soul decided that AD&D made for a reasonable day-camp activity back in the mid-80s. Since then I've wandered through various D&Ds, Shadowrun, OWoD (ahh, the 90s), and a bit of everything. Lately I'm mostly big on Blades in the Dark, the Vurt RPG, Tales from the Loop, and some of the assorted PbtA games.

A helpful guide for introductions in social situations:

Things to work on...
* Planning for the Dungeon World (+ Class Warfare) + Hot Springs Island campaign I want to run.
* Getting the local Blades group back on track.
* Running this Tales from the Loop one-shot.
* Fleshing out the colony (crew-replacement) playbooks for my Blades hack and figuring out the "building things for your colony" side of things.
* Getting these Vurt RPG ideas out of my head so I don't feel compelled to chase them down.

for a mere, diabetic librarian just gazed up into the marquee of a long abandoned theater which reads "Love Ovaltine"... in the Twilight Zone.

people: These are the events I had tickets for. Go forth with generics to take my place and avenge me!


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