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New instance new #introduction, right?

Hi, I'm Mike. I've been an RPG guy since some poor deluded soul decided that AD&D made for a reasonable day-camp activity back in the mid-80s. Since then I've wandered through various D&Ds, Shadowrun, OWoD (ahh, the 90s), and a bit of everything. Lately I'm mostly big on Blades in the Dark, the Vurt RPG, Tales from the Loop, and some of the assorted PbtA games.

A helpful guide for introductions in social situations:

Things to work on...
* Planning for the Dungeon World (+ Class Warfare) + Hot Springs Island campaign I want to run.
* Getting the local Blades group back on track.
* Running this Tales from the Loop one-shot.
* Fleshing out the colony (crew-replacement) playbooks for my Blades hack and figuring out the "building things for your colony" side of things.
* Getting these Vurt RPG ideas out of my head so I don't feel compelled to chase them down.

for a mere, diabetic librarian just gazed up into the marquee of a long abandoned theater which reads "Love Ovaltine"... in the Twilight Zone.

people: These are the events I had tickets for. Go forth with generics to take my place and avenge me!


The irony in trying to find a fantasy system for western marches style play when my Blades hack is essentially "it's western marches on an alien planet with persistent settlement development" is in no way lost on me.

Aaaand *pewf*. No Gen Con for me. (Injured/sick dog = boom.)

None of those feel like a great fit for the game I'd like to run at the moment though. :\

(And putting it inside a vurt feather is kind of a classic case of me overcomplicating things.)

Contemplating running a fantasy* game using the Hot Springs of Swordfish Islands as a toolkit. But: I don't want to try to balance things on the bones of D&D (either 5e or an OSR retroclone) if I can avoid it (levels and hit dice give me hives at this point).

Anyone have recommendations for a fantasy system that might work for drop-in/drop-out play?

Kicking around maybe Dungeon World and Cypher System (as generic fantasy, or Vurt where the Swordfish Islands are a world within a vurt feather).

Trip to Gen Con is in serious jeopardy (the dog got injured at day care, wife’s starting a new job so can’t watch him during the day if he can’t go) and I have to let everything inch ever closer to the “too late for cancellation” deadlines on stuff before I can get the info we need to figure out if things will work out or not. Ugh.

« What the DM says: Are you sure you want to do that?

What the DM means: t.co/tQRjNhypoq »

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TFW you check your games on demand menu page for typos and spot familiar (dice.camp-er) names on other pages. :)

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Today’s goal: wrap up some suggestion score starters to use at Games on Demand for Blades in the Dark. (I think my Tales from the Loop offering is pretty well sorted and will get a chance to run it for friends before Con anyway.)

If anyone needs a retrowave background for anything - here!

(if you need a higher quality png, feel free to dm me)
:cc_cc: :cc_by: (I hope I'm doing this right...)

Don't really know how to tag this but.. #art #wallpaper #FreeToUse #CreativeCommons #creativetoots #mastoart #retrowave I guess..?

Another Saturday morning on the Faceplace™ gathering souls to feed the unending hunger of The Block List. Long may it reign.

Okay, sudden Tales from the Loop session/playtest has been created for the Lawful Good Gaming group. (They organize one-shots where signing up requires a donation in any amount to one of their chosen charities.) Should anyone be interested the event is in the face-place over here: facebook.com/events/2032323805